Cumberland Family Tree Pro for Windows
Now available, fully functional, FREE for personal use, unlimited time period.
Cumberland Family Software was started in the early 1990's by Ira J. Lund to distribute the shareware program Cumberland Family Tree for DOS. Ira had originally written this program for his own use in researching and tracking the genealogy of his own family. Having found that others wanted to use his program he began distributing it as a shareware program.
Eventually the program was converted to support the Microsoft Windows OS and became Cumberland Family Tree Pro for Windows. The last version of the program was Version 3.20 which supports Windows XP and Vista. As time progressed Ira found that his other interests and commitments left him diminishing time to commit to the further development and support of the Cumberland Family Tree program. As a result he is currently in the process of producing a final release of the program to fix known bugs.
In order to make the current version available to a wider audience, Ira has decided to offer it for download and provide the current key code at no charge.  After this he has graciously decided to make the source code and resources available so that others may continue with the development and support of this excellent and useful program.