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  • Crowd-sourced active learning lightcurve classification.

Transients Classification Project

  • Group which discussed astronomy classification problems
  • In addition to Berkeley Astronomy, included collaborators from UC Santa Cruz, Berkeley EECS, Stats.
  • Discussed development and results from the  PTF Transients Classification Pipeline
  • Precursor to the Center For Time Domain Informatics
  • Internal group website: http://groups.google.com/group/tcp-ucb  (internal)



  • Internal version of DotAstro.org
  • Contains unpublished, partially imported datasets
  • Has web based tools for importing a variety of datasets
  • http://lyra.berkeley.edu/tutor/  (internal)


  • Crowdsourcing website
  • Configurable for a variety of crowdsourcing projects
  • Recent use:
    • Collect user judgments on the quality of astrophysical sources in subtracted images
    • Results are used to train a machine learned classifier which automatically identifies good/poorly subtracted sources.
    • http://group-think.appspot.com/


  • PyMPChecker is a webservice that provides asteroid positions centered around query sky and time coordinates.
  • You can even download the python client to run from the command-line and automatically download the Ds9 regions file of asteroids in your image and then display them together, all with one command.
  • http://dotastro.org/PyMPC/PyMPC


VOEvent / VOTimeseries