We are pleased to offer a number of Sponsorships to our member associations each year. These are typically used for Parent Education, or to support some Health & Safety need at your school.


1) Open to all Cupertino-Fremont-Sunnyvale Council/'s member PTA/PTSAs.

2) The activity must be approved by your association.

3) For parent education events, invite people from all CFSCPTA by sending a message to the Presidents' list and/or putting a notice on the Council blog (cfscpta.blogspot.com).

4) After the event, submit an Event Report summarizing the attendance, feedback and whether you'd recommend this speaker...etc.


1) Request forms will be available in electronic format.

2 )Submit your request BY NOVEMBER 5th.

3) The sponsorship committee will decide to fully fund, partially fund or reject the request.

4) Recipients will be announced at the December General meeting. An email will be sent to confirm the resolution of your request.

5) For reimbursement, submit receipts along with the provided Event 
Report/Check Request to Council Exec VP, Shirley Frantz, by May 1, 2014.

6) Reimbursements will be payable to your PTA/PTSA.

Information Used in determining sponsorship:

1) Parent Ed, or /Health & Safety, get top priority. But other activities or needs can be considered.

2) Has this unit received a scholarship or had an event subsidized before? How much did the CFSCPTA subsidize already?

3) A unit can be sponsored for up to $350. If the request is for more than $350, the sponsorship will only be considered for partial funding.

4) Does the CFSCPTA still have money in the budget?


* Late requests MAY be considered at a future CFSCPTA meeting.


Please contact Exec VP Shirley Frantz at:


2013-2014 CFSCPTA




Request FORM



Name of PTA Requesting sponsorship:




Name, Email and Phone of the PTA contact for this request:




Total requested:




Reason for request:




Please describe how these funds would be used:











Please return to Shirley Frantz, CFSCPTA Exec V.P.

mailto:shirleyfrantz@yahoo.com,    408/530-1731    


Shirley Frantz

716 Ramona Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087