What is a parliamentarian?

A parliamentarian is a consultant to the president.

The role of parliamentarian is purely an advisory and consultative one since

parliamentary law gives the chair alone the power to rule on questions of

order or to answer parliamentary inquires.

The parliamentarian can only speak to the assembly if the president makes

such a request.

What can the parliamentarian do?

The parliamentarian shall:

Attend all meetings of the

association and of the executive

board and give necessary advice in

parliamentary procedure when


Call the first meeting of the

nominating committee, conduct

election of chairman and give

instructions in procedure, and may

be contacted for additional

information, if needed, and shall

attend meetings of the nominating

committee only if elected to serve

as a member of the committee.

Chair the bylaws committee and

review bylaws and standing rules


Be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership including the right to

make motions, debate and vote.

How does the parliamentarian assist the president?

Studies PTA bylaws and standing rules, Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly

Revised and other parliamentary resources.

Teaches the president, executive board and members how to use

parliamentary procedure.

Listens carefully to all meeting proceedings.

Keeps a running list of members wishing to speak to an issue.

   Answers parliamentary questions as needed.

from the Communicator, the California PTA