The CFSCPTA Historian  - Open  (2017-2018)


Using the volunteer tally sheet

The volunteer tally sheet helps the historian of the PTA/PTSA unit, council or district to collect the

hours its members expend in their PTA-related work and activities. The best practice is to circulate

this form during board meetings so all members present can report their hours. At the end of the PTA

year, the unit historian reports the total volunteer hours in the unit annual report and submits it to the

council and district. The council and district PTAs then include these in their annual report to the

California State PTA.

What hours should be included on the tally sheet?

Volunteer hours should include participation in school or community service or activities benefiting

children, units, council, district, state and National PTA programs, projects, training, and PTA-related

travel, phone, meetings and paperwork time. The hours reported after school ends before June 30

should be projected in the annual report.

Where do you report events and activities?

Events and activities during the year that benefit the children may be included in the narrative portion

of the annual report.

Why do we collect and report volunteer hours?

The California State PTA requires filing of annual reports in accordance with unit, council

and district bylaws.

The collection of hours is important in maintaining PTA’s tax-exempt status. An organization

granted nonprofit charitable status must receive one-third of its support from the general


In addition, information on this report is used for advocacy and program planning purposes.

Valuation of service hours expended in carrying out the purposes for which it was formed will

positively affect the public support of PTA.

For more information, see the Toolkit

or the California State PTA website at www.capta.org,

or e-mail your questions to historian@capta.org.

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California State PTA www.capta.org The Communicator July 2010

Find a copy of the Annual Unit Historian Report Form at  http://www.capta.org/sections/resources/downloads/toolkit-2009/toolkit-en-09.pdf