Welcome to the Cupertino-Fremont-Sunnyvale Council of PTAs (CFSCPTA) website.  

CFSCPTA includes a total of 27  PTA/PTSA's. Seventeen  of these are in the Cupertino Union School District (CUSD), 5 in the Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) and 5 are in the Sunnyvale School District (SSD).   

Our council is a member of the Sixth District PTA of the Santa Clara County. We serve as a resource for all things pertaining to PTA policy, to hold meetings with PTA representatives from all schools to 

find a common ground to effectively advocate for our children and to provide leadership training for PTA officers.


Dear PTA/PTSA Members and Friends,

Welcome to a new school year!

Many of you are busy working on the business side of your PTA Unit, holding Membership Drives, planning events for your school community, greeting new parents and holding your first meetings of the year.

This year I’d like to call your attention to the National PTA Art Reflections Program’s theme “Within Reach”.  We all have many goals for our communities, our schools, our PTA/PTSAs and our students.

How can PTA help us achieve those goals?

In any goal that we have for our communities - a safe space for our children, a strong education to build involved citizens, a voice in our government, PTA has supported and helped achieve these points and more.


     20182018 CFSCPTA Board                       
Officer Position Officer Name
President Dawn Ying
Executive Vice President Lada Borcic
Auditor Anita Wadher
Communications/Publicity Meena Juttukonda
Historian Tiffany Landry
Leadership/Organization Satheesh Madhathil
Membership Vinutha Shettigar
Parliamentarian Manjula Parvathaneni
Reflections Sandi Spires
Secretary Kelli Cree
Treasurer Max Lanfranconi
Hospitality Suzanne Poirier
H.S.A  ChairOpen
Special Ed.Liaison Officers Sumathi Balaji
  Karen Carey
 Advocacy/Legislation Shalini Kaushik

Council Executive Board Slate 2019- 2020
 Board  Position Nominee  
President  Lani Honma 
Executive Vice president  Lada Borcic 
 Treasurer               Vacant
Secretary          Vinutha Shettigar
Auditor  Vacant  
 Communication /Publicity Kelli Cree 
Historian  Sandi Spires  
Membership                  Vacant
Reflections                 Vacant
Hospitality  Vacant 
 Special Ed.Liaison Officers                 Vacant
Parliamentarian Meena Juttukonda 
H.S.A  Chair Vacant 


   Manjula Parvathaneni

 Tiffany Landry 

     Dawn Ying


You are not alone!  We are here to help you!

PTA is a true democracy.

All members (parents, teachers, students, staff and administrators) have an equal vote

PTA is a national volunteer organization - volunteers work in conjunction with school site administration to provide a better learning environment for all our kids

Every Unit PTA is self- governing and sets its own dues but is also supported by

regional, state and national structure

Training - annual training, or individual guidance for all Unit Officers

Expertise - Trained volunteers assist the Units in all aspects of their governance and problem solving, through websites, the tool kit, and one-to-one assistance

Insurance - protects members, officers, volunteer and school districts from liability claims

Reflections - encourages artistic expression for all our students, with opportunity to compete on a local, county, state and national level

Program focused – Focus is on programs and not just fundraising. Encourages good balance – 3 programs – 1 fundraising activity. Ensures effective utilization of

donated money

Our TRAINING provides Unit Officers with the skills and resources they need to fulfill their position.  Officers are given guidelines on their duties, their obligations and fiduciary responsibilities. Multiple trainings are offered at the Council (local) and District (county) level, as well as GUIDANCE from the trained Council and District Officers.

Our RESOURCES support your Unit Officers through online tools, the Toolkit, or one-on-one contact with Council Officers.

Our INSURANCE protects your Unit members, officers, volunteers from lawsuits, even covering the school district from liability.  And CA State PTA steps in to help settle lawsuits on your behalf, so you won’t need to run around or pay a lawyer. CA State PTA provides comprehensive general liability coverage with a $1,000,000 limit that covers all unit PTAs when involved in allowable PTA activities

Our ADVOCACY is ongoing at the State and National Level (some PTA supported legislations -enforcing child-labor laws; building kindergarten into public school system, creating content rating system for television program, federally funded hot lunches (26 m). Recently, CA PTA backed the Immunization Bill, and last year, the Anti-Bullying Legislation. This year, CA PTA is fighting for securing funds from the state government for ‘family-engagement’ programs to be implemented by the school districts. This is a part of the Local Control & Accountability plan (LCAP) successfully advocated by the CA PTA to include parent voices in how the dollars are allocated by the school districts. It is likely that school funding initiatives will require our action this fall.

Our OVERSIGHT protects your Unit by providing due dates and reminders for financial reports due to the State.  Filing Taxes and Workers Compensation Forms are required to maintain your non-profit status, and our Council and District PTA work hard to make sure your Unit is up to date. PTA also requires annual AUDITS, to protect the members from embezzlement or misuse of member funds.

Our REFLECTIONS PROGRAM encourages all our students to demonstrate their artistic abilities through literature and many art forms- visual arts, film, dance, photography and music.  They are given the opportunity to compete at the local, state and national level.  And their efforts are celebrated at all levels including the State and National PTA conventions.

Our BYLAWS provide a framework to the Units regarding the Officer's duties, and procedures for running meetings effectively and holding annual elections.  Members use the BYLAWS to understand the process of making motions, and voting requirements.   Annual elections ensure that Officers serve only two years in office making way for new people to be a part of the board.

PTOs and Foundations do not have support organization, oversight, training or guidance.  They might serve their own school community, but do not have requirements to include parents, teachers, students or staff on their executive boards.  While they are non-profits at the school level, they have trouble maintaining that status since their officers (volunteers) are not trained or do not understand the ramifications of tax non-compliance and they are on their own without the support structure offered by a national level organization like the PTA.

School ADMINISTRATION benefits from having an organization on their campus like the PTA with a strong support system and accountability. The risks are mitigated with higher insurance coverage for officers and volunteers managed by the California state PTA, access to tons of resources and training for all volunteers and officers and guidance and problem resolution from the council and sixth district officers when needed. The Principal and Teacher representative are a part of the executive board and have a vote in the decision making process. The Principal is also empowered to advise the nomination committee on the nomination of the Board slate.

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