Measure L brought Cypress residents an industrial warehouse rather than Senior Assisted Living. Measure A promised more of the same. In the short period of time that CFRD has been in existence we have been able to positively effect change in both Measure L and Measure A.

With damage already done by Measure L our initial position on Measure A was to get it defeated. Our mission was twofold, stop the planned industrial warehouse which advertised 129 truck bays and defeat Measure A for fear of more of the same. And do this in three short months.

In two weeks members of our group distributed over 7000 fliers throughout Cypress. The distribution of flyers and increased attendance at City Council meetings got the attention of the landowner(s)/developer(s) and of course the City Council members. Wisely they reached out to CFRD and showed a willingness to work with us for a common good. Through meetings and negotiations CFRD has been able to effect positive change for residents of Cypress as-well-as residents of Los Alamitos who live so close to the development projects.

So far, we have been instrumental in

1) Mobilizing the community into action.

2) Making the racetrack owner put forward a deed restriction to ensure that the Measure A property is now under a deed restrictions that ensures only housing is developed on Area 10 (the property adjacent to Cypress Ave) and that there are restrictions of use on Area 11 (the parking lot area Northwest of Costco) that prevent any a trucking distribution scenario.

3) Making Prologis pull out of their current plans to develop a trucking distribution center. Prologis has pulled out their Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the  129-truck bay. They are now working on developing scoping meetings to find out what is palatable to the community.

Our work is not done! Cypress is in need of a Master Plan for development of LART (Los Alamitos Race Track) land and Cypress is one of very few cities that does not have a Planning Commission. We want to change this!

Going forward we want to help create a much needed Planning Commission to put the “responsible” back into the development of our city.