Measure Q and R

Vote NO on Measures Q and R.


We all want beautiful homes built in Cypress but we need to do it responsibly.


The Cypress School District has placed Measures Q and R on the upcoming November ballot.  They are asking voters to approve “land-swap” schemes that will allow them to unload “surplus” school district properties to developers who, in turn, will give them other land and build a sweet new office building.  To top it off, the land the district is to receive will be developed into income-generating property and the money received from it will go directly into the General Fund to spend how they wish.  They claim they will use it to bring back music and the arts but there is no guarantee, of course.  (Have they EVER done this?  NO! They just make promises to the voters, and then use the money however they want).


The District is painting a glowing picture of the benefits but they fail to mention the HUGE downside:


  • The District has shrunk.  They have closed 40% of the schools (Cawthon, Damron, Dickerson, and Swain) and have crowded students onto the campuses that remain.  Even so, the District did not even consider the potential savings that could be achieved by combining what are now smaller districts into a single, perhaps unified, district.  Why? Because it is a conflict of interest for them to consider putting themselves out of a job.  In fact, a recent Orange County Grand Jury report states exactly that.  Some estimates indicate $6 million or more could be saved per year just by combining districts and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracies.

  • By selling the properties directly, the funds could be used to pay off the construction bonds we approved in 2008.  Of course, bonds aren’t like regular loans; you can’t just pay them off whenever you wish.  But if the bonds were “called” as early as possible, the savings could be in the tens of millions.  If we don’t pay the bonds early, we will be leaving our children (and their children) with a $210 million dollar debt that they won’t likely be able to pay (think of Stockton and San Bernardino) – all to borrow only about $40 million.  That’s just bad financial management, plain and simple.


  • If it was OK to remodel the schools our kids attend, why isn’t it OK to remodel the School District office?  We’d all like cushy modern offices but let’s remember who the district is supposed to be serving: Students (and their parents), not Administrators.


Measures Q and R do NOT favor the taxpayer.  They are constructed, and are being promoted, by a number of self-interested parties including Administrators (who want to keep their jobs), Developers (who stand to gain a windfall from the development of homes), and bond salespeople (who make a killing on municipal bonds).  That’s why CFRD is opposed to Measures Q&R.  We don’t want special interests running roughshod over the Citizens of Cypress.  So please join us in demanding that the Cypress School District take a different, more financially responsible approach to selling the surplus properties and paying down their debts.  Visit our Facebook page ( to stay informed and join us.  Tell your friends to do the same.  Working together, we can protect our children from special interests and send a message to the school district: Enough with the nonsense!  Do it right or don’t do it at all.  Vote NO on Measures Q and R.