Measure L - Prologis - 33-Acres Along Katella - Toxic Trucks

First, it is important to remember that Measure L was passed by the citizens of Cypress in June 2012 by a wide margin, with nearly everyone thinking they were voting for a Senior Assisted Living Facility and supporting medical offices. It appears that the deal between the developer of the Senior Assisted Living complex and the Los Alamitos Race Track (LART) owners was unraveling even before the June election, and discussions with other potential buyers were already underway. This information did not get out to Cypress voters in time for them to reconsider their vote. Measure L passed containing language that essentially allowed the property to be zoned for anything the Cypress City Council wants to allow. This left many residents feeling mislead. 

The time for challenging Measure L’s validity is long past. But anyone who wants to build something on the property has to complete an Environment Impact Report (EIR) and request a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) from the City. The 33-acre parcel of land between the Cottonwood Christian Center and the Residence Inn is now owned by Prologis, a multi-billion dollar commercial development company with vast experience in trucking, warehousing, and distribution centers. Escrow has closed on the property. To build anything on it, though, Prologis has to first complete an EIR and get the City to grant them a CUP. 

Back in April of this year, Prologis held an “EIR Scoping” meeting in which they presented initial plans for what appeared to be a 129-bay trucking and warehousing distribution center. Their position was that they were scoping for a “worst case scenario” based on the total number of square feet being proposed for the project. No one at the meeting was able to answer even basic questions about what happened to the Senior Living Center concept, potential tenants, or anything else. Residents realized at that time that they would have to organize, research, and strategize if they were to stop a trucking center from being built. Accordingly, they met together and formed “Citizens for Responsible Development” (CFRD), a non-profit political activities group.

Upon formation of the group, leadership was elected and tasked with research and strategy. Many hours of reading, consultation, and discussion have taken place. In the process, it was decided that, since Measure A (currently proposed for a special election ballot) has similar broad language (160+ pages) had to be defeated or fixed, and it could be used as leverage for stopping the negative effects of Measure L. (For more information about Measure A, click HERE).

CFRD’s position on Measure L: 
  • We believe Measure L, as proposed to the voters last year, was mischaracterized and has caused an erosion of trust in all parties involved.
  • We believe that a trucking center on the 33-acre parcel now owned by Prologis is unacceptable. We are not opposed to some type of development on their property but we do not believe their current proposals are appropriate for the community.
  • We believe that the City of Cypress and Prologis need to be more forthcoming with information and involve the community in their plans/proposals.
Discussions with the City of Cypress and Prologis: 
Steve Mauss, CFRD Director, and George Pardon, Asst. Director, have held many hours of discussions with the Cypress City Council (collectively and individually) and Prologis executives to see if there is a way for any Prologis project to proceed on the 33-acre Measure L property in a way that would be acceptable to the community.

The trucking center concept is no longer under consideration by Prologis. There is not even 1 vote on the Cypress City Council for such a project. The original Prologis EIR is suspended while they try to come up with a project that would be acceptable to the community. They are considering the relocation of an existing manufacturing company within Cypress, an office center concept and retail along Katella. Also under consideration is enhanced landscaping and walking trails throughout not just their project but others in the area as well. Things move very quickly sometimes, though, so PLEASE KEEP CHECKING BACK BY RETURNING TO THIS PAGE OFTEN. As more is discussed, we’ll be sure to post updated information here to keep everyone informed.

Please take some time to read through the Measure L documents provided on this website. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to answer them.

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