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Measure A is NOT Measure L

Unfortunately, some people are still drawing comparisons between this year’s Measure A and last year’s Measure L.  Measure L is the ballot measure that Cypress residents approved last year that was marketed by many as a project that would bring us Senior Housing and other related facilities.   The Measure L initiative language allowed a lot more project options and one of the options is being pursued currently by Prologis with the proposed business park. 

Since the public became aware of the Prologis project, a lot has changed.  While the Measure A initiative language has similar options as Measure L, the property owner has agreed to deed restrictions that make Measure A a great development for Cypress.  The early concern that Measure A could bring a significant increase in trucks is no longer true.  Warehousing and distribution are specifically excluded through deed restrictions in any of the areas under Measure A.

The early concern that Measure A may not include over 30 acres of housing is no longer true.   Measure A will bring over 30 acres of new housing along Cerritos Ave, a 5 acre parcel that will either be a new park or a neighborhood friendly commercial project, and an 11 acre business park that will be located near Costco.  

There are even concerns about the Prologis project that are no longer true.  As a result of concerns raised by the Citizens for Responsible Development, Prologis has dramically reduced the number of truck bays.  Prologis has committed that their development will not be a truck distribution center.  Prologis has even agreed to consider retail businesses in the building along Katella Ave which would further reduce truck bays.  Consideration of the retail component would necessitate a left turn lane and signal into the property from the east bound lane along Katella Ave.  The left turn lane and signal would require approval from the city of Los Alamitos which, to date, hasn’t taken action to approve it.

Early on, it was fair and responsible to draw comparisons between Measure A and Measure L.   This is no longer appropriate.  Anyone who continues to make such comparisons doesn’t know the facts about the significant changes that have occurred.

I was one of the early No on Measure A advocates.  Given the deed restrictions proposed by the property owners and approved by the Cypress City Council, I am voting Yes on Measure A. 

In last week’s letters to the editor, one writer recommended that you ask me if you have questions about Measure A or Measure L.  I would welcome your questions.  My email address is  It is important to me that you know the truth.

Vote Yes on Measure A on June 25.  It’s good for our city.

George Pardon

Cypress Resident 23 years

Asst. Director CFRD