Measure A

The stance of CFRD has changed from a No vote on measure A to a YES vote. We now encourage the community to vote yes on Measure A.

The length and complexity of the Measure A document has been highly vilified. It has come to our understanding that the length of Measure A is a result of the requirements of Measure D to discuss the entire property even if only portion of the lands covered under Measure D are being rezoned.

The concern CFRD has with the language of Measure A was because of the similar language in it as in Measure L. This loose language on zoning allowed multiple uses for the property. This is the same loose language which got us into the 129-bay trucking development problem that was initially proposed on the Measure L property.

Through CFRD's mobilization efforts of the community and CFRD's negotiations with the property owner of the Los Alamitos Racetrack, 2 Restrictive Covenant Agreements (Deed Restrictions) have been signed and recorded. Should Measure A pass, the deed restrictions become active.

The First Covenant Agreement covers Areas 1 and 10 (the portion of the property on the Northwest side of the racetrack property boarding Cerritos Ave). This deed restriction ensures Area 10 can only be used for single family residential homes and that Area 1 can only be used for neighborhood commercial uses (including a park). The deed restrictions in Area 1 prevent Warehousing, wholesaling and distribution facilities, including point of sale. The deed restrictions on Area 10 prevent dense housing (condo's and townhouses). We also believe that having homes developed so close to the Measure L property diminishes the chances that Prologis can move forward with anything damaging to the community. Prologis has already pulled their massive truck distribution plan off the table. This delay allows us to put in housing zoning less then 500 feet away before they can submit a new plan. Whatever plans Prologis submits will have to now take this into consideration. 

Measure A Properties in relation to Measure L and LART

The Second Covenant Agreement covers Area 11 (the portion of property Northwest of Costco). This deed restriction allows the property to be have commercial development, but prevents warehousing, wholesaling and distribution facilities, including point of sale. This effectively blocks another trucking distribution center from being proposed on this land.

The enforceability of these two deed restrictions have been verified by the City Attorney and by an independent lawyer (Mr. Chuck Krolikowski of Newmeyer and Dillion) hired by CFRD.

With these two deed restrictions and the legal review, the properties now can be developed responsibly and in a way that benefits the community; single family homes along Cerritos and reasonable commercial development along with the other commercial properties near Costco. 

Again CFRD now encourages a YES vote on Measure A.