Our efforts to ensure our elected officials properly represent the best interests of the citizenry require funding to purchase signs, distribute flyers, and run ads in papers.  No one working at CFRD receives compensation for what they do; we’re all volunteers.  Many have asked how they can help our grassroots efforts.  In addition to volunteering, you can contribute funds.


There are two main ways to donate:


By mail: Send a check made out to “CFRD” and send to

Citizens for Responsible Development

4183 Teresa Ave

Cypress, CA 90630

By credit card: Send an email to Mike Papa, CFRD’d Fundraising Director: and tell him you’d like to contribute via credit card.  If you provide him with your phone number, he will call you back and you can give him your information over the phone.  You can also simply call Mike directly at (714) 326-4250.


PLEASE, get involved.  Contribute.  Together, we can make a HUGE difference.