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Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust

At a recent Cypress City Council meeting, a resident spoke about the possibility of financial participation by the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust to help purchase part of the LART property as a wildlife refuge.  I wrote to them and they have now responded.

Steve Mauss

From: Linda Winter, July 17, 2013


Dear Mr. Mauss:  Thank you for your interest in the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust.  I’m sorry but I did not receive your email until today.  Unfortunately, we do not have any funds to purchase this property.  We rarely purchase land, and if we do, it is land adjacent to an existing sanctuary. I’m sorry we can’t help in your effort to save this property.  You may be interested in contacting a local or state land trust.  At the Land Trust Alliance web site ( there is a Link for “Find a Land Trust.”  If you click on that, a map appears and then you can click on your state and county for a list of land trusts in your area.

Thanks again for thinking of us, and good luck in your efforts.


Linda Winter

Executive Assistant


From: Steve Mauss, June 30, 2013


I am currently serving as Director of Citizens for Responsible Development in Cypress, CA. One of the aims of our group is to make sure our city includes open space in its development planning. There is currently very little open space remaining.  We are in the middle of an urban area. One particular area has remained relatively open; it is a former golf course, of which there is about 30 acres left. It is connected to the Los Alamitos Race Track (LART) and the LART property owners would like to develop out the land into homes. Several members of our community would like to see the land preserved as a wildlife refuge. At our last City Council meeting, a woman in attendance suggested that funds from the HSWLT may be available to help us purchase the land from the LART owners. I promised at the meeting to contact you to see if this was a possibility. Is it? Please advise as to the best course forward. The voters recently rejected a rezoning ordinance that would have allowed housing to go in, but as your website indicates, that's usually a temporary fix. We would like to explore whether or not there is a way to have this land remain as open space.


Thanks, Steve