Be Involved
  • Become part of our group. Just send an email to us and tell us you would like to join us.
  • Attend the Cypress City Council meetings. We have started a Calendar of Events that you can use to follow key dates.
  • Contact the Cypress City Council Members and voice your concerns directly to them on the Prologis trucking facility, the upcoming Measure A, and on the long term plans for the cities development.
  • Vote Yes on June 25th on the Special Election for Measure A. We have changed our stance to a Yes vote. See the links on the right on why. (put voter registration and other links here).
  • Contact Prologis and tell them what you feel. (add Prologis contact info)
  • Write letters to the Editors of the OC Register, News Enterprise, Press Telegram, OC Breeze, ...  and help to inform other citizens.

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  • "Comment" on a post to share your own insights and concerns. Help us develop ideas and help us figure out what's best of our community. This effort is about figuring out what is best for the long term development of our city. We need you to voice your opinion. 
  • "Share" a post and this page to help spread the word about what we are doing and what's going on.