Call for Chapter: Soft Computing in Medical Image Analysis

Call for Chapter

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Book Title: Soft Computing in Medical Image Analysis

Eds. - Nilanjan Dey, Amira S. Ashour, Fuqian Shi, Valentina E. Balas



This book covers the fundamental SC for medical image analysis and processing techniques. Furthermore, biometrics and multimedia encryption are briefly enclosed. The book highlights advanced improvement fields to guide engineers develop different modalities based on innovative soft computing. It evaluates the different soft computing techniques performance employed for medical image analysis/processing. The book presents transverse research SC formation from various engineering/industrial sectors in the medical domain. It includes challenges and recommendations. The ultimate goal of this book is to provide the readers with extensive background knowledge and practical real applications in SC techniques for medical imaging.


Topics (chapters) to be highlighted in this book include (but are not limited to) the following:

Medical image/signal processing theory and algorithms, Computer-aided diagnosis, detection or surgery systems, Medical informatics, Medical video, image or signal analysis, Medical image motion analysis, Evolutional medical image processing, Hybrid soft computing approaches, Medical video, image or signal processing using soft computing techniques, Medical image/signal acquisition theory, algorithm or systems, Soft computing techniques in the medical domain, Genetic algorithms for medical applications, Evolutionary computing for medical applications, Application of medical image processing soft-computing application of image processing, Soft computing based medical imaging new trends and challenges


Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline : 1/30/16

Full chapter submission deadline: 3/30/17

First review deadline: 4/30/17

Revision submission deadline: 5/30/17

Acceptance notification: 6/30/17

Final manuscript complete: 7/30/17


Submission process

Author(s) must submit 2-3 pages abstract through the following easychair link within 30th Dec. 2016

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