Special Education Support

Please see the table below that details the kind of support that we can provide to you and your school. 


Spec Ed Compliance

  • Monitor compliance metrics for the network and support schools in attaining full compliance with NYS, NYC and Federal mandates.
  • Insuring that school teams are updated regarding compliance status in all areas of special education service delivery.
  • Liaise with various service supervisors in order to provide comprehensive support to schools.
SE School Capacity Building
  • Assist school teams with using various Special Education systems to capture and report service data.
  • Support school teams in developing pre referral systems and quality assurance for the IEP.
 Valerie & Guyline
PD Support
  • Develop and/coordinate professional development in the area of special education tailored to specific school needs and areas identified for improvement. 
  • Provide training and support to all levels of school staff in ATS. CAP & SESIS including Family Workers and Clericals.  Work with schools staff to build capacity.
 Valerie & Guyline
  • Work with the Office of Pupil Transportation supporting Special & General Education students needs.  
  • Providing bussing to and from school and trouble shooting any problems that may arise between school, bus company and OPT.  Resolve discrepancies in ATS between STRE & SBIO for bussing.  Review the completed SVER data in ATS for all schools
Contracted services
  • Liaison between ORCS, agencies and schools for the contract of services of RSA for students who attend schools that do not have an on-site provider
Impartial Hearings
  • Represent the Department of Education at resolution meetings and hearings where parents challenge CSE teams on procedural requirements and placement.
  • Coordinate resolution meetings, investigation of Impartial hearing requests program and placement.
Related Service agreement and contracted services
  • Monitor contracted-out assessments for approval and review all agency reports to insure validity and appropriateness of assessments.
  • Oversee  New York State Alternate Assessment process for the network, including training, administration, scoring, and compliance with New York State mandates.