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ELL Related Links
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Below you will find helpful compliance and instructional links that I have found to be a strong source of support.  If you have links that you would like to share, please email me and share!  Enjoy!    -Maria
 Maria's Website to support visual differentiations        
    TESOL    See full size image   
           See full size image   ELL Forms
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 EPIC (ELL Parent Information Case Facilitator's Guide)
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 NYDCOE Language Allocation Policy Resources
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 iPlan Comprehensive Educational Plan Portal

 Colorin Colorado
A wonderful site for educators and parents, there are resources/materials as well as wonderful articles on second language acquisition ( I have learned a lot about ELLs with Special Needs on this site through their various articles).  
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Video support, demonstrations, just all around fun!  Videos are wonderful for ELLs, we are blocked from YouTube at the school but anything you can find that is short clip about topics that you are studying is a wonderful way for ELLs to connect.
 Vocabulary Work
This site is really awesome.  It has TONS of vocabulary games to use with K-5.  The games work on items to include:  roots, prefixes, suffixes, idioms, compound words, etc.
 ESL Kids World
More labeled flashcards covering a variety of topics, verbs, nouns, ideas…
 ESL Kids Lab
LOTS-O-Flashcards, even verbs are visualized!
 English 4 Kids
Website where there is a flashcard section, although it looks as though you would have to write the label on them
A website that has a lot of flashcards with labels