Ice Skating Day Out
It all started so smoothly, four or five times around and then first one - then two, they all fell down. That didn't stop the fun though it was all great again until...
There was this 16 stone beefcake hurtling towards our Pastor who for a moment forgot he was behind the barrier. What a relief when beefcake bounced off.
After half an hour everyone skated like they were born to it, needless to say they had a great time - pity we all have to wait until next year to skate outdoors

Nerf Barricade Challenge

Everyone has a Nerf Gun don't they? Well they all got them out for the Easter Nerf Challenge, Red Vs Blue loads of darts and for Kids only. Well, that didn't work!
Two hours in with a half hour break to refuel and they were still going but Red got it by 5 to 4 playing capture the Egg. Everyone loved it - wait for the water fight

Adventure Walk

If you go down to the woods today you never know what you'll find but who cares, first warm sunny day this year and we only waited til May - so let's climb a tree