Court Farm Church offer a variety of activities throughout the week, for a full list please see our calendar in the Service & Meetings section. The most popular are featured below and to join in you do not have to be a Church member, if any float your boat please contact the secretary by email on or simply come along, talk to a member of the team and sit in for the session.

To serve our community

The 'ARK'
The ‘ARK’ mums and toddlers playgroup has a great reputation within the community, dads and grandparents are also welcome. We meet on a Thursday morning from 10.00am to 11.45am during term time and currently have between 35-40 children each week, from new-born babies to four year olds. Each session comprises of playtime, singing and stories with juice and biscuits for the children and tea (or coffee) and toast for the adults.

House Group
House Groups are a fundamental part of our fellowship and give attendees a time to relax in the company of like minded souls. We come together for a time of prayer, learning more of God and sharing His word, caring for each other and those in need of help. The meetings, hosted by members of our congregation, alternate weekly during term time between bible study and prayer meetings.If you feel down, need help or would like us to pray for you, come visit the Church or call the office - we are here for you.

Short Mat Bowls
The Bowls Club meet Every Tuesday between 2 – 4 pm to play this popular indoor version of bowls. The rules are basically similar to the outdoor game and the only uniform required is a flat pair of shoes. It is a none too serious get together where fun can be had friendships made and refreshments shared after the match, come along and see if you like it….. Note that the owning of Bowls is not a requirement for any introductory sessions, nor an initial requirement when joining the club.

Young Fun
Periodically we hold events for our younger folk but, strangely, some of the adults want to join in too! Click below for highlights of a couple of recent events - Ice Skating and the Nerf Challenge at Easter where the Church Hall was full of table barricades and Nerf darts. Plus a walk on the wild side followed by a picnic on a lovely sunny May Bank holiday.
Every Sunday our young community split off from the main congregation for their own time of craft
/skill based learning and discussion groups for teenagers. For an hour or so after service the hall is theirs for fun and games