AMI 2013-14

Gabe AcostaAlexis Alegria    Adan AltamiranoEstefany Angulo
Ayeleth AragonPaola Arellano    Tomas MezaVentura Cantu
Mayra CisnerosAnayeli EstradaArthur Yu    Adrian Ramirez
Kevin GarciaYarisca GastelumJoseIslasCrystal Robles
Rolando VasquezJosephOchoaLindaOrtegaJavier Ramirez Acosta 
Brian Serrano JenniferGalviz AnaBarreraDulceBarrios 
Gerardo CamachoCelia Cano Rosario Cervantes
Jetsmani De Santiago
Victor ElenesSabrina Espinoza Aaron GarciaJuan Garcia 
Alexa Gomez Osiel Ibarra Fabian Jimenez Emily Maldonado
Jesus Medina MartinMezaBrian Morales Alex Pedregon
ElizabethTarin Melvin Zelaya  Sierra Neese 

It's Website Week! Send all links to

week 2
Monday 5/12/14 
Image Text: every image you add to your site needs a text intro.
Your text intro can be many things, but should always be about 3 sentences long, be correctly spelled and punctuated and make sense. 
  1. I can write a text intro for each image. 
  2. I can write about:
  • What you think you did best in the image.
  • How the image was inspired, influenced or developed. 
  • How you best used your software. 
  • Send link to
  • due Wednesday 10pts per image. Up to 100 points. 
Tuesday 5/13/2014 
Add something new: images and pages, where needed.  
You have made more than 3 images this year.  Select favorite
images and add to your site.  
  1. Image Size & compression required.
  2. Image format control required. 
  3. Text Intro required per image. 
Quick Draw Challenge
Fire Brush Tutorial

Seniors: Your Website is Your Final: 10 images/100points and 10 text Intros/100points
Thursday 5/15/14  Quick Draw Challenge 1: Image
Firebrush Video on Digital Image>2014LastImage>
drag and drop to your hard drive before viewing

&Friday 5/16/14 Quick Draw Challenge 2: Flash Gifmation
Use transformation tools and liquify to edit layer copies in PS.
export to Flash and add motion for gifmation frames.  

Assignment 1 Monday 5/5/2014
Add your customized self portrait
Revise your introduction paragraph:  The objective is GET A JOB / GET A SCHOLARSHIP or GET AN INTERNSHIP
Talk about what you like about computers and how you hope to use them in a professional capactiy.
Talk about software you enjoy using and projects you have made that you are proud of. 
35 points. send link to

Assignment 2 Tuesday 5/6/2014
Adding pages and uploading
Add 2 new pages. Title them.  Imagine you want to hire yourself.  How would you look for examples?  By software? By product? By project?
In this class we have used Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Adobe InDesign 5.5 and Adobe Flash 5.5.  We have made images, posters and animations. We have made many projects related to art history: Pop Art, Mexican Cultural Art, Photography, Renaissance, and Surrealism. Make your decision. 
Release Permissions to these pages.  
Add 3 images to an appropriate page(s). 
35 points. send link to

Assignment 3 Wednesday 5/7/2014
Open and compress your animations from Day of the Dead and Surrealism

Upload and release the permissions for your movies.

Add them to a page.  
35 points

Big Projects so far…
3 models 
InDesign Poster with Pop Art

Pop Art with Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein and Bridget Riley

Day of the Dead
print image
sound mp3

Fantasy Photo Project
print image

Frank Stella: color shapes
4 images

Check us out! This year in review….

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