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Past Colloquia


Past Colloquium Program Topics and Themes

June ’05:       Thinking Strategically
  • The Change Imperative
  • Improvement through Process management
  • Dynamics of a Healthy Organization

Nov. ’05:       The Great Game of Business
  • Cy-Fair College visit
  • Strategic Thinking and Process Management modules review

June ’06:       Positive Organizational Health

  • Visit to University of Michigan Life Sciences and Biotech
  • Creating value and Communication modules preview
  • Training session(s) for strategic thinking module

Nov. ’06:       Strategic Context for Leaders
  • Leadership Disney Style
  • People Management Disney Style
  • Preview of Developing Leaders module

June ’07:       High Performing Organizations
  • Learning, Leading and Leveraging
  • Strategic Human Resources—Building a Culture of Abundance

Nov. ’07         Building Organizations Using Different Lenses
  • Understanding generational differences, expectations, and needs
  • Visit to Honda American Headquarters (organizational philosophy, culture, and human resources strategy)
  • Visit to Ohio Supercomputer Center (leading-edge computer based learning modalities)
  • Visit with CEO of SkyBus, Bill Diffenderffer (rethinking an existing industry, Zen and the art of success, personal efficacy as leaders)

June ’08        Entrepreneurism

  • Understanding the need for communities that we serve to become more entrepreneurial.
  • Exploring opportunities for community colleges to become more entrepreneurial
  • Visit with Anirban Basu, Sage Policy Group
  • Visit with Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Visit with the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship

Oct. ’08          Building Capacity

  • How the dimensions of life cycle and abundance theory relate to organization, management and leadership in community colleges
  • How should community colleges look at themselves—where they are now, where they are going, and how can they positively shape where they are going?
  • From an abundance perspective, what can be done to develop into “organizations of engagement” when working with faculty and staff who are over-extended and increasingly part-time?
  • How do community colleges leverage their capacity by empowering their employees and investing in people given the conditions they are facing?
  • How have organizations outside of higher education dealt with similar issues? 
  • What strategies are they using to support and develop their human resource capacity?

Feb. ’09          Sustainability:  Tangible Resource

  • Develop a deeper understanding about the importance of sustainability
  • Explore what other educational institutions are doing (or plan to do) to address sustainability issues
  • Share best practices from Network colleges
  • Explore sustainability initiatives in organizations outside of higher education