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Programs and Services

Strategic Horizon Program
A network of 15 colleges working together to develop and implement cutting edge practices in strategic management.  Click here for information about the Strategic Horizon initiative.

Think Tanks
Small invitational, regional conferences are facilitated in which presidents and senior administrators collectively consider the critical issues facing community colleges and develop creative strategies to enable colleges to respond effectively.

Leadership Training
Programs for developing strategic capabilities in staff throughout the institution using a multi-modal learning design.

Campus-Based Institutional Development Projects
Collaborative programs carried out with colleges to enhance institutional, program and staff performance using cutting-edge practices in planning, management and assessment: Strategic planning coaching and faciliation; mission/vision/vales reviews; academic master planning; 
strategy development; change management. 
Change Management Monographs
A set of 3 monographs -- Breaking out of the Box, Reaching for the Future, and Making Change Happen -- have continued to be a useful resource for managing organizational change in community colleges since their publication in 1996-1999. Contact Pat Carter to obtain copies: pncarter@umich.edu.

Strategic Capabilities Needs Assessments
The needs assessment of the strategic horizon program is a campus based internal audit process in which internal constituent groups evaluate the extent to which strategic capabilities exist within their college. The needs assessment provides the college with an objective starting point for determining where the internal community believes the best return on investment of energy and resources is likely to be achieved. The needs assessment was recently approved for use by the NCA/Higher Learning Commission as a means of qualifying for AQIP self-assessment.

Strategic Planning Tool Kit
A complete and comprehensive tool kit guides the institution through the critical steps of strategic planning, providing exercises, guides and samples. The tool kit, for which training assistance is available, takes the institution from the first step of articulating its planning objectives through strategic priority identification and action plans and evaluation.

Strategic Thinking Learning Module
This learning module, the first of several to be produced by the strategic horizon network, will be available for purchase in late spring, 2006. The module is designed for use with all internal stakeholder groups, leading participants through experiences and exercises which familiarize them with the strategic thinking protocol and prepare them to take a broader view in their analysis and interpretation of their environments and opportunities.

 Prior Institutional Projects
The Center has an extensive record of service to community colleges in planning, strategy development, effectiveness modeling and leader development. Since 1990, the Center has completed projects in these and other areas with community colleges in Arkansas, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Connecticut, North Carolina, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Click here for a list of prior institutional projects.
For information about the Center's programs and services contact; 
Patricia Carter, Executive Director (pncarter@umich.edu /(734) 439-2134