Welcome to the Center for Community College Development

The Center for Community College Development (CCCD) is a unique resource for institutional and leader development in community colleges. Established in 1986 as the Consortium for Community College Development in the School of Education at the University of Michigan, the Center now operates independently. It employs a distinctively collaborative approach to the design and delivery of programs and services in its work with institutions and leaders, combining theory and research with practices that actually work to improve performance. 

The Center is committed to:

  • helping community colleges develop strategies, structures and processes to prepare for a very different future,
  • providing comprehensive programs, services and research to strengthen the capacity of colleges to respond to change and to maximize student success
  • developing strategic capabilities in staff throughout the institution,
  • facilitating the sharing of ideas and expertise within and between institutions, and
  • conducting action research to identify critical issues facing community colleges

Mission and Thrust

The mission and purpose of the Center for Community College Development is to provide resources to build strategic capabilities and enhance internal competence that will support community colleges at the forefront of postsecondary education. This is accomplished by promoting college-wide leadership and equipping individuals throughout the College with knowledge, skills and awareness of practices, and enhanced leadership capabilities.