Why Go Greek

The Center of Advanced Social Research out of the University of Missouri-Columbia released a study entitled "The Impact of Greek Affiliation on College and Life Experiences." The primary goals of the research initiatives were to explore whether men and women's fraternities were achieving their mission. The findings of the study include the following benefits of Greek membership:

·        Greek affiliated men and women are more likely to volunteer and be active in civic affairs during adulthood.

·        Greek affiliated men and women are more likely than non-members to contribute financially and do so in greater amounts, to charitable, non-profit organizations and religious groups, and ones alma matter

·        Greek affiliated students are more likely to be involved in college organizations than non-Greek students.

·        Greek affiliated alumni are more satisfied with their social development during college than non-Greeks.

·        Greeks are significantly more likely to have relatives who attended the same institution.

·        Greek students graduate at a rate nearly 20% higher than unaffiliated students and generally have a higher grade point average.


Greeks Make a Difference!

·        Since 1900, two-thirds of U. S. Presidential Cabinet members have been Greek.

·        Since 1910, 85% of justices named to the U.S. Supreme Court have been Greek.

·        65% of U.S. physicians and 78% of U.S. lawyers are Greek.

·        Each year, Greeks do more than 875,000 hours of community service.

·        Greeks lead 40 of the 50 largest U.S. corporations.

·        33 U.S. Presidents were Greek

·        Two-thirds of the nation's most influential business and political leaders are Greek (Source: Fortune Magazine)

·        71% of fraternity men and 80% of sorority women graduate. For non-fraternity members, 50% of the men and 60% of the women do.

·        52% of the U.S. Senate and 33% of the House are members of Greek organizations.

·        The first female senator and the first woman astronaut were both sorority members.