How do I Join a Sorority?
Sororities participate in sorority recruitment annually, during which time invitations for membership are extended to potential members. You must register with the Panhellenic organization at your college or university to participate in sorority recruitment.

What is Sorority Recruitment?
Sorority recruitment is a formal process for prospective sorority members to meet women of the sorority chapters at the campus, and for the sorority women to meet the potential members. This is the time to learn about the values, traditions, and programming of the individual sororities. Recruitment is a mutual selection process that takes place over a period of several days. Recruitment is different at every campus. Traditionally, colleges conduct formal recruitment in the fall, but some campuses conduct sorority recruitment in the spring. Contact your campus for more information and to register for recruitment.

How do I register for the recruitment period?
The registration process varies from campus to campus. You should receive information during the summer from your college. College orientation is also a good time to ask questions. If you do not receive information by mid-July, we suggest you contact your college's student affairs, Greek affairs or Panhellenic office. Many colleges now offer their services through the Internet.

How can the Carrollton/Farmers Branch Panhellenic help me with sorority recruitment?
Sorority alumnae assist in the sorority recruitment process by providing rush introductions, also called references or recommendations to their collegiate chapters at various colleges and universities.


What are rush introductions, references, or recommendations?
Recruitment references can be compared to job references. They are personal endorsements, from sorority women, of women going through the recruitment process.  It also gives sororities advance notice that you plan to participate in recruitment. These information sheets can be used by alumnae to write introductions, references, or recommendations on your behalf. The Carrollton Farmers Branch Alumnae Panhellenic distributes your information sheet to each respective sorority representative in the area.

What do I do?
If you complete the CFB Panhellenic Information Sheet, we will make your information available to the alumni representatives of each NPC sorority at your campus, for them to use as appropriate. Obtaining introductions/references is the responsibility of the sorority requesting them. The prospective member is responsible for registering for recruitment at her campus.

Is that all I need to do?
Submitting the CFB Area Alumni Panhellenic information sheet does not register you for recruitment on your campus. You must register with your campus and follow the instructions they provide you.


Why should I join a sorority?

Joining a sorority can be the highlight of your college career.  Sororities and their women have so much to offer and enhance your time at college. Sororities offer a strong bond between women, sisterhood, events like Formals and mixers with fraternities and other groups on campus, and opportunity to be more involved with on-campus all-school events. The long-term advantages of sorority life far outlast the college years. Joining a sorority is a lifelong commitment that will provide you with lifelong friendships and experiences. Becoming a member of a national sorority means that there are thousands of other women across the country that you share a common bond with. This extensive network is advantageous when applying for a job or moving to a different town where you don't know anyone. Your sorority will be there for you and you have the opportunity to remain an active member through alumna clubs that are set up all across the nation.