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The depths are in the mooring field is about 10 to 15 ft, getting shallower near shore. Vessel draft is a principal consideration when allocating some moorings. Deadman's Bay can get quite rough being exposed to wind and waves from the south and south-west. There is a wave suppressor installed at the entrance of the club which helps to some degree. Boats have to be well secured. Members are responsible to set up there own moorings. The club boats are available to be used for this purpose only.

Set up options are as follows: mooring ball and med mooring
For the mooring ball, use a double bridle system. Basically two bow lines attached to the mooring chain by a shackle just below the mooring ball. Use a piece of hose to act a chaffing guard on each line.You have two choices for floating the bridles:
  • Attach a float to each of the "bridles" to help retrieved with a boat hook
  • Insert a pole in the bridles as depicted on the graphic, which does not require a hook 
For the Med mooring, shackle to the chain just below the mooring ball, rather than to the top of the ball. This help moving the boat in to or away from the dock. It also remove the "flex" in the mooring.