CFA Vintage Electronica Virtual Analogue & CFA Ambient & Sound Design

 Brief instructions for use

 The libraries are designed to achieve either a close approximation of the precise sound of the originals (whenever 
 an original is used as inspiration), or the "feel" and mood of the originals.

 All patches, and especially the ambient & sound design library patches are designed to operate best in specific registers. 

 Some of the patches are evolving and require time to reach complex and interesting points.

 Some patches can be "played" by holding a note or chord and tweaking several parameters.
 At present libraries are provided "as is" expecting that users will discover performance control details. In the future I may 
 provide demos and/or an instructional video.

 Do not forget to use wide range head phones or monitors especially for sounds with very low frequency components!

Copyright note

Use of the library and any derivative products is free. I would appreciate it if a citation credit is given eg:

"The present recording and/or performance used the CFA Vintage Electronica Virtual Analogue
(or: the CFA Ambient & Sound Design) sound library for the iOS Sunrizer synth. Library (c) Constantin Aliferis 2012"

Feel free to contact me at:
with info about projects enabled by the banks. 

If the submitted info indicates that sufficient interest/use is generated, i will continue development of these and other libraries. 

I hope you enjoy using the libraries and looking forward to hearing from you how they helped you in your projects.

Constantin Aliferis, New York 2012