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NVIS Day April 27

posted Apr 22, 2019, 7:33 PM by Cuyahoga Falls ARC   [ updated Apr 23, 2019, 6:43 AM ]
April 27, Saturday, 10-4 will be this year’s NVIS Day in Ohio. This has become a tradition, and the importance of easily deployed portable antennas was brought to the spotlight after Hurricane Michael and others this past year. The devastation took down ALL commercial, safety and amateur communications. There were no towers, no repeaters, and very little formal generator power. I was honestly surprised that of all things 80-meter sideband was one of the most-used forms of emergency communication. It worked well for them and would work well for Ohio in a wide-spread “flat-earth” situation. 

We got a taste of that during “Snow Net” where operators in 44 counties participated both on 80 and on DMR Ohio. This to me makes NVIS practice even more important. I have received one suggestion that makes sense. The real purpose of NVIS day is to test antenna performance compare signals and try different configurations. There is a contest type ranking for how many contacts you can make, that just creates a more fun atmosphere. The suggestion is that we use the DMR Ohio Talk Group to coordinate contacts, and to advertise that a station is operating on a certain frequency. That can help to remove the searching and some frustration since we’re all over the bands that day. I think using DMR Ohio similar to a spotter type operation would make it much more fun and provide better ways to find other participating stations for our testing.