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BYO V/U- Bring Your Own VHF/UHF Radio & Antenna Night July 24

posted Jul 23, 2019, 8:53 AM by Cuyahoga Falls ARC   [ updated Jul 23, 2019, 8:56 AM ]

Frank Tompkins, W8EZT will be setting up testing stations for VHF/UHF radios and antennas for our July 24th Meeting Program. 
Bring your own VHF and/or UHF Handheld Radios, Rubber Duck Antennas, Mag-mount mobile Antennas, "tiger tails"* if you use one and/or Mobile Transceivers for testing. 

expect to be able to measure your radio and determine the power input (mobile rigs) and RF power output on different bands, it???s spectral purity, it???s frequency accuracy, receive sensitivity, the relative gain of HT antennas, This evening we will have test and measurement equipment on hand and a chance to check the SWR of your mag mount antennas, a side by side comparison of mag mounts if you have more than one, the effect of using a "tiger tail"* on your HT signal, and more. We will have several stations set up to perform different measurements as you take your radio from one station to the next. Pre-printed forms will be available for you to record measurement results for your files. Time may limit what we can do, but we will try to check out at least one radio for everyone who attends the meeting. Bring several radios for comparison (if time permits) and plan to have a fun and educational evening.

There is no reason we couldn't also check out some mobile HF rigs, time permitting.

To prepare:
  • Make sure your handheld's batteries are charged.
  • If you bring a mobile make sure you bring a matching power cable and don't forget your mic.
  • Bring instruction manuals (hopefully, you still have yours). You may even want to read it ahead of time so you can access various features of your radio
  • If you would like to man one of the testing stations contact Frank, W8EZT before the meeting, the more testers we have the more radios we can test.
* Tiger Tails. What's a Tiger Tail? How they can help your signal and how to make one- link