I am not a guy who are very attractive or handsome but i find myseft above average (average good), attracted to people who know me. People tend to like me very much when they close to me. I look a bit serious guy but when you get closer to me you will find out that i can be serious, funny or crazy, its depend on who i join. I used to laugh very easily and i love to make people laugh with my little bit sense of humor. Some people even told me that i am their source of laugh. i tend to be friendly, helpful and kind to people.
 Sometime i prefer to have thing in prefect but sometime i just let it be,it is depend on how important the thing to me. I am a person who are always curious to anything around me, eager to learn, and this make me like to observe people and things around me, a lot things can be learned from observation. I like to think/organize/analyze/plan thing, this help me handle thing/people well. I tend to have a lot ideas. I am a buddhist and tend to be buddha's student forever.

 I love book very much, i have tons of books on Buddhism/History/Story. 
Making friend is my interest. 
I am part of Internet world, you can get me as long 
as you are connect to Internet, online surfing,
 read news, check email, chat with friend 
is my favorite. From time to time, 
i will have some gathering with friend to
 "chit-chat", this is fun and warm. 
I like to play Ping Pong or 
badminton-my favorite sport but it 
seem don't have much opportunity to play 
with.Email me if you want to 
know more about me, ok? 

收发电子邮件,和朋友聊天。不时,我都和一些朋友聚聚 。