Principios de Ingeniería del Software

Programa del Curso (20 Horas)

Software Characteristics
  • Software problems 
  • Characteristics of the software as a process
  • Characteristics of the software as a product 
  • Software Engineering discipline 
  • Software Engineering Goals 
  • Role of a Software Engineer in its current context

Software Development Processes 
  • Phased approach to software development 
  • Phases involved in software development process

Software Development Life Cycle 
  • Process models 
  • Process models
  • Process model for the Web and the process technology

Requirements Gathering and Analysis 
  • Process of System Analysis 
  • Feasibility Study 
  • Scope and activities of the Requirements Analysis phase of SDLC Requirements Gathering 
  • Analysis Modeling 
  • Rationale behind Essential Model

Analyzing the System 
  • System elements 
  • Data Modeling 
  • Concepts of cardinality and modality 
  • Function modeling using DFDs
  • Control Flow Model 
  • Data dictionary

Designing the System 
  • Design process and principles of design 
  • Software design concepts 
  • Design tools: Structure Chart, Structured Flowchart, Structured English

Software Configuration Management 
  • Baseline concepts 
  • Configuration items 
  • Configuration management process

Software Maintenance
  • Types of maintenance 
  • Maintenance issues
  • Maintenance metrics 
  • Working of a typical maintenance organization 
  • Factors affecting maintenance

Software Implementation and CASE
  • Analyze why Implementation is an important phase of SDLC 
  • Implementation Phase and Implementation Strategies 
  • Need for Contingency Planning and Post Implementation Maintenance
  • CASE and its evolution 
  • Classification of CASE 
  • Use of CASE to software engineering concept 
  • CASE Toolkits, CASE Methodology companion, CASE Workbench, and Repository features

Object Oriented Software Engineering 
  • Object Oriented concepts 
  • Process framework for OO design 
  • Object-oriented project metrics 
  • Estimate, schedule, and track an OO-based project

Case Study
  • Study the implementation of configuration management in small enterprises