Aseguramiento, Verificación, Validación y prueba de la calidad del Software

Programa del Curso (20 Horas) 

Evolution of Quality Concepts 
  • Evolution of Quality concepts 
  • Quality measures 
  • Total Quality Management 
  • Various frameworks that use TQM

Software Quality 
  • Software Quality 
  • Software quality assurance 
  • Goals of SQA at various stages of Software development
  • Implement Software quality assurance

Principles for Evaluating the Quality Attributes of a Software Architecture 
  • Principles for evaluating Quality Attributes of a Software Architecture

Recommended Best Industrial Practice for Software Architecture Evaluation
  • Software architecture evaluation in terms of cost and benefits 
  • Various categories of architecture evaluation techniques

Quality Metrics 
  • Various end-process quality metrics 
  • Various In-process quality metrics 
  • Analyze Case Study

Quality Standards 
  • Various quality standards 
  • ISO 9000 
  • SEI-CMM 
  • Malcolm Baldrige Assessment

Case Study 
  • Analyze different case studies

Introduction to Verification and Validation 
  • Specify the software requirements 
  • Formal Specification Techniques

Verification and Validation 
  • Prepare a test strategy 
  • Prepare a test plan 
  • Carry out walkthroughs, inspections and reviews 
  • Perform the static analysis 
  • Perform validations by the symbolic execution

Significance of Testing 
  • Importance of software testing

Software Testing 
  • Software Testing 
  • Various Methods of Software Testing 
  • Various Testing Strategies

Organizational Approaches for Unit Testing 
  • Three basic organizational approaches for unit testing

Designing Unit Test Cases
  • Unit test specifications 
  • Test case Design Techniques

Case Study 
  • Analyze different case studies