Análisis Orientada a Objetos y Diseño usando UML

Programa del Curso (32 Horas)

  • Object Oriented Analysis 
  • Modeling, Unified Modeling Language 
  • Modeling Techniques 
  • VP-UML

UML Overview 
  • UML Diagrams 
  • More on UML Diagrams, UML Elements

Working with VP-UML 
  • VP-UML as Tool 
  • VP-UML Environment

Use Case Diagram 
  • Use Case Daigram 
  • Use Case in Action

Static Modeling 
  • Class Diagrams 
  • Other Modeling Elements

UML Package Diagrams 
  • Package Diagrams 
  • Types of Package Diagrams

Dynamic Modeling
  • Interaction Diagrams 
  • Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams

State Machine Diagrams 
  • State Machine Diagrams 
  • More on State Machine

Object Design 
  • Object Diagram 
  • Representation of Class Diagram

System Design 
  • System Design 
  • System Design Activities

Design Patterns 
  • Creational Design Patterns 
  • Structural Design Patterns 
  • Behavioral Design Patterns

New features of UML 2.0 
  • Interaction Overview Diagrams 
  • Composite Structure Diagrams