Fundamentos de Administración de Sistemas Red Hat

Programa del Curso (40 horas)

Introduction to Linux
  • Open source software
  • Linux operating system
  • Basic principles of Linux
  • Red Hat operating system distributions

Linux Installation
  • Installing Linux operating system
  • Logging on the Linux operating system
  • Installing software packages

Command-Line Interface - Part I

  • Command-line interface
  • Accessing the command-line from X server

Command-Line Interface - Part II
  • Basic commands and command line expansions
  • Current users working on the system
  • Filters
  • Pipes

Text Files - Part I
  • File system
  • Manage files and directories at the command-line interface

Text Files - Part II
  • Commands used for manipulating files
  • Wildcard characters with file operations

  • Different storage considerations
  • Volumes

Basic System Administration - Part I
  • Basic administration
  • Printing and Web browsing
  • System monitoring

Basic System Administration - Part II
  • Concepts of network
  • Configuring remote hosts
  • Deploy an file sharing service

File System Basics

  • File system basics
  • Advanced operations at file system level

User Administration - Part I
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Group accounts
  • User accounts and its privileges
  • Difference between user and root account

User Administration - Part II
  • Manage files and directories at the command-line interface

  • Virtualisation technology
  • Install virtualisation packages
  • Install virtualised guests

Linux Security - Part I
  • Security policies of Linux
  • Methods to authenticate users to implement encryption

Linux Security - Part II
  • Read and set file permissions
  • SELinux
  • Firewall security

Linux Processes
  • Process
  • Process state
  • Job control tools