Administración de Sistemas Red Hat

Programa del Curso (40 Horas)

Automated Installation Types of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Mode of installation
  • Configuration files for the Kickstart installation

Accessing the Command Line
  • Command line from the X server
  • Linux Shell
  • Command line
  • Hard and symbolic links
  • Tools for archival and compression

Regular Expressions, Pipelines and I/O Redirection
  • Regular expressions
  • Output redirection
  • Pipe output and sorting text
  • File management

Scheduling Tasks
  • Scheduling of tasks
  • One time tasks and batch jobs

  • Partition
  • Types of partitions
  • Create and format standard partitions

Managing the Logical Volume Manager
  • LVM
  • Administration of LVM components
  • Creating and displaying physical volumes

Network File System
  • NFS
  • Configure NFS
  • autofs

Common Internet File System
  • CIFS
  • Samba its daemon and services

User Accounts
  • User accounts
  • Passwords

Lightweight Access Directory Protocol
  • LDAP
  • LDAP server

Managing SELinux
  • SELinux
  • Working of SELinux

Installing and Managing Software
  • Yum
  • Yum repository

Managing Installed Services

  • sysconfig directory

Analysing and Storing Logs
  • rsyslog configuration

System Monitoring
  • Gather system information
  • System processes
  • Memory usage
  • Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT)

  • Logrotate
  • Logrotate configuration