Programación Avanzada en Java II

Programa del Curso (26 HORAS)

JDBC Concepts
  • JDBC architecture and database connectivity 
  • JDBC application 
  • Creation of queries and different types of queries 
  • Exception handling in a JDBC application 
  • Stored Procedures and Transactions 
  • RowSets 
  • JDBCRowset and CachedRowset

Features of JDBC 4.0 and JDBC 4.1 
  • Auto loading of JDBC driver and enhancement in connection management 
  • ResultSet interface and SQL Exception Handling enhancements 
  • ROWID Support and enhancements in interfaces and Large Data Objects 
  • Scalar functions and try-with resources 
  • RowsetFactory interface and RowsetProvider class 
  • JoinRowset, WebRowset, and FilteredRowset

Java Security 
  • Java security architecture 
  • Security of Java applets and applications 
  • Security policy definition for applets and application 
  • Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) 
  • Java Secure Sockets Extension (JSSE)

  • Cryptography Architecture 
  • Java Cryptography Extension 
  • Cipher class, Password-based encryption 
  • New security features in Java 

Digital Signatures 
  • Introduction to Digital Signatures 
  • Signing and Verifying Data Using Java Tools 
  • Signing and Verifying Data Using Security API 

Handling XML 
  • Data SQLXML and XML datatypes 
  • XML Digital Signatures