Programación Avanzada en Java I

Programa del Curso (26 HORAS)

Introduction to Swing 
  • JFC and Swing 
  • AW,  Benefits of using Swing over AWT 
  • MVC architecture 
  • Separable Model Architecture 
  • Container 
  • JFrame, JApplet, JPanel 
  • Concurrency in Swing

Basic Swing Components 
  • JScrollPane and its methods 
  • JSlider and its methods 
  • Event handling of JSlider JProgressBar and its methods 
  • Event handling of JProgressBar 
  • JFormattedTextField JEditorPane and JTextPane 
  • ImageIcon and Border API 
  • Different types of JOptionPane 
  • JDialog and its methods 

Layout Managers 
  • Layout managers 
  • FlowLayout manager 
  • Components to FlowLayout 
  • BorderLayout manager 
  • GridLayout manager 
  • CardLayout manager
  • GridBagLayout manager 
  • BoxLayout and SpringLayout 
  • GroupLayout 
  • Dimension class

Menu Components 
  • JMenuBar and its methods 
  • JMenu and JMenuItem 
  • JCheckBoxMenuItem and JRadioButtonMenuItem 
  • JPopupMenu and its methods 
  • JFileChooser and its use 
  • Methods of JFileChooser 
  • Filter files in JFileChooser and also how to subclass it 
  • JToolBar
  • Methods of JToolBar 

Lists and Panes
  • JColorChoose,  its use, and how to create it
  • Methods and event handling for JColorChooser
  • JList, its use, and how to create it 
  • JComboBox, its use, and how to create it 
  • Methods and event handing of JComboBox 
  • JSplitPane, its use, and how to create it 
  • Add, configure, and display a JSplitPane 
  • JTabbedPane, its use and how to create it 
  • Add and display a JTabbedPane 
  • Event handling for JSplitPane and JTabbedPane

Advanced Swing Components 
  • JTable 
  • Create a JTable with a custom data model 
  • Event handling of JTable 
  • JTree Add, configure, and display a JTree 
  • Event handling of JTree 
  • Drag and Drop TransferHandler class Import and export data 

  • Internationalization 
  • Localization 
  • Create a properties file to store locale-specific data 
  • Define a Locale for a country 
  • ResourceBundle class 
  • Retrieve locale-specific data from the properties file 
  • Formatting numbers, currencies, and percentages 
  • Formatting Date and Time 
  • MessageFormat class

  • Networking Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) 
  • URLConnection class 
  • Socket and ServerSocket class 
  • Datagram 
  • Network Interface 
  • Cookie

Remote Method Invocation 
  • RMI rrchitecture 
  • Steps to implement RMI

  • JavaMail API 
  • Mail protocols 
  • Session 
  • Create a Message 
  • Creating and sending a message