Procesamiento de Aplicaciones usando Markup Language

Programa del Curso (18 Horas)

Introduction to JAXP
  • XML
  • XML parsers
  • Packages of DOM API in JAXP
  • Packages of SAX API in JAXP
  • Packages of StAX API in JAXP
Simple API for XML
  • Parsing an XML document using JAXP
  • Handle events in SAX
  • Parse attributes and processing instructions in SAX
  • Methods that handle skipped entities Handle errors in SAX
  • Use DTD handler for unparsed entities and notations
  • Working principle of LexicalHandler interface
  • EntityResolver interface method
  • Use of SAX filters
Document Object Model
  • Structure of XML DOM
  • DOM models
  • Benefits and working of DOM
  • Classes involved in JAXP DOM API
  • Nodes in DOM and its types
  • Different methods provided by the Node interface
  • Different methods used to manipulate the nodes in a DOM tree
  • Exception handling in DOM application
Extensible Stylesheet Transformation Language
  • XML transformations
  • Different types of XML transformations
  • Use XSLT APIs to transform an XML document into other formats
  • Use XPath to retrieve data from an XML document
  • XPath expressions
  • Use XInclude to include different documents into an XML document
  • StAX API
  • StAX use cases
  • StAX APIs
  • Working of JAXB
  • JAXB interface and classes
  •  JAXB annotations
  • Implement marshalling and unmarshalling using JAXB
  • New features of JAXP 1.5
Validating XML with JAXP
  • Configure validation in the DOM and SAX parser
  • Validation API
  • Use the compiled schema for validation
  • Perform validation using STaX
XML and Databases
  • Types of XML database
  • XML-enabled database
  • Native XML database
  • XML object database
  • Mapping of document schema to database schema
  • Query languages
  • Template-based query language
  • SQL-based query language
  • XML-based query language

XML and Web Applications
  • Generate XML data in JSP
  • Validate the well-formedness of an XML document
  • Process XML data to display it in HTML format
  • Process XML data to display it in PDF format