Programacion orientada Objectos en Java

Programa del Cursos (44 Horas)

Exceptions and Assertions

  • Exception
  • try-catch-finally blocks
  • Throwing and handling exceptions
  • Handling multiple exceptions in a single catch block
  • try-with-resources
  • Creation and use of custom exceptions
  • Assertions and its types

java.lang Package
  • java.lang package
  • Strings
  • Regular expressions, pattern, and matcher
  • String literal and Character classes
  • Quantifiers, capturing groups, and boundary matchers

Collections API
  • java.util package
  • List classes and interfaces
  • Set classes and interfaces
  • Map classes and interfaces
  • Queues and Arrays

  • Generic class declaration and instantiation
  • Generic methods
  • Collection and Generics
  • Wildcard argument
  • Inheritance with Generics
  • Legacy code in Generics and Generics in legacy code
  • Type inference

File Handling in Java
  • Data streams
  • File class, its constructors, and methods
  • DataInput and DataOutput interfaces
  • Byte stream and charcater stream in the
  • InputStream and OutputStream classes
  • BufferedInputStream and BufferedOutputStream classes
  • Character stream classes
  • Chaining of I/O systems
  • Serialization

New Features in File Handling

  • Console class
  • DeflaterInputStream class
  • InflaterOutputStream class
  • java.nio package
  • File system

Introduction to Threads
  • Creating Threads
  • Thread States
  • Methods of Thread class
  • Managing Threads
  • Daemon Threads

Multithreading and Concurrency
  • Multithreading
  • isAlive() and join() method
  • Race conditions and ways to overcome them
  • Intrinsic lock and synchronization
  • Atomic access
  • wait() and notify() methods
  • deadlock and ways to overcome deadlock
  • java.util.concurrent collections

  • JDBC architecture
  • Types of processing models
  • JDBC Driver Types
  • Steps involved in JDBC application development
  • Database Meta Information
  • Parameterized queries in JDBC API

Advanced JDBC Features
  • Scrollable result sets
  • ResultSet and row-positioning methods
  • Stored procedures
  • Call a stored procedure using JDBC API
  • Steps to update records
  • Implementing transactions using JDBC
  • Enhancements of JDBC 4.0 API
  • RowSet and its type
  • JDBC 4.1 RowSetProvider and RowSetFactory Interfaces

Design Patterns
  • Procedure to override methods of the Object class
  • Design patterns
  • Singleton, Data Access Object (DAO), and Factory and Observer design patterns
  • Delegation Composition and aggregation

Internationalization and Localization
  • Internationalization
  • Localization
  • Unicode character encoding
  • Internationalization process
  • Internationalization elements