Prueba de Aplicaciones Android

Programa del Curso (44 Horas)

Introduction to Testing
  • Types of Software Testing
  • Unit Testing, Integration
  • Testing Functional /Acceptance
  • Testing Performance Testing, System Testing

Testing Android Projects
  • Test Structure
  • Android Testing API
  • Junit, Instrumentation

More on Testing
  • Assert Class
  • TouchUtils Class,
  • Mock Object Class, TestCase Base Class, AndroidTest Case
  • The assertReadingContentUriRequiresPermission method
  • The assertWritingContentUriRequiresPermission method
  • Component Specific Test Cases
  • ApplicationTest Case
  • InstrumentationTest Case

Developing Test Driven Applications
  • Creating Android Virtual Device
  • Running AVD from Command Line
  • Headless emulator, Disabling the keyguard
  • Cleaning up, Terminating the emulator
  • Using Emulator Configurations
  • Simulating Network Conditions
  • Developing Test Driven Applications
  • Understanding requirements
  • Writing a Test case, Running all Tests
  • Refactoring Code, Advantages of TestDriven Applications

Android Testing Environment
  • Creating Android Main Project
  • Creating a project with Eclipse
  • Creating a project with Command Line Tools
  • Creating Android Test Project, Creating a Test Case
  • Running the Tests, Running from Eclipse
  • Running from Emulator, Running from Command Line
  • Debugging Tests
  • Using TraceView and dmtracedump Platform tools
  • Creating a Sample project and a Test Project

Component Testing
  • Android Unit Test
  • Testing Activities and
  • Applications Applications and Preferences
  • Testing Activities, Testing Files, Databases, and Content Providers
  • Testing Exceptions, Testing UIs
  • Testing for Memory Leaks
  • Testing Local and Remote Services
  • Testing Accessibility