Diseño Responsivo para Ui/UX

Programa del Curso (16 Horas)


Introduction to User Interface Design

·         User Interface

·         Parts of User Interface Design

·         Principles and Attributes of User Interface Design

·         Types of UIs

·         Processes in User Interface Design

·         Models in User Interface Design


Introduction to User Experience Design

·         Definition of UX and UX Design

·         Elements of UX Design

·         Principles and Guidelines of UX Design


Understanding Responsive Web Design

·         What is Responsive UI Design?

·         Definition of Responsive Web Design (RWD)

·         Evolution of RWD

·         Fundamental Techniques for RWD

·         Progressive Enhancement

·         Difference Between Graceful Degradation and Progressive Enhancement

·         Responsive Work Design Workflow


Understanding the Strategies for Responsive Web Design

·         Strategies for RWD in Various Devices

·         Need for Content Strategy in RWD

·         Importance of Content Audit

·         Performance Optimization for a Mobile-friendly Site

·         Difference Between Responsive and Adaptive Website Designs


Using Common RWD Patterns in Mobile Designs

·         Breakpoints

·         Navigation Drawers

·         Stacked Pagination

·         Fluid Images

·         Bottom Bar

·         Tab Bar

·         Call to Actions

·         Short and Simple Menu


Usability Studies in Responsive Web Design

·         Definition of Usability Studies

·         Importance of Usability Studies

·         Testing in Usability Studies

·         Usability Test Plan Template

·         Usability Testing for RWD