Construcción de Sitios Web de siguiente generación(HTML,JavaScript & CSS)

Programa del Curso (40 Horas)

Introduction to the Web 
  • Evolution of HTML 
  • Page structure used by HTML 
  • Drawbacks in HTML 4 and XHTML 
  • New features of HTML5 
  • CSS 
  • Javascript 
  • Jquery 
  • Browser support for HTML5

Introduction to HTML5 
  • Elements constituting an HTML tag 
  • Doctype 
  • Basic tags in HTML 
  • Different data types, attributes, and entities of HTML5 
  • Container and standalone tags 
  • Role of HTML5 in Mobile devices

Formatting Text Using Tags 
  • Heading tag 
  • Different tags related to formatting 
  • Monospaced font, preformatted text, and block quotation 
  • Different types of lists 
  • Procedure to change the background color and image

Creating Hyperlinks and Anchors 
  • Hyperlinks Absolute and relative paths 
  • Hyperlink to a web page and e-mail address 
  • Hyperlink to anchors and other content

Introduction to CSS3 
  • New functions of CSS3 
  • Different types of selectors 
  • Nested tags Define Classes and ids for applying styles 
  • Process to apply styles to hyperlink

Formatting using Style Sheets 
  • List and text and font styles 
  • Inline spans 
  • Paragraph indentation and application of border 
  • Horizontal paragraph alignment 
  • Vertical spacing within a paragraph

Displaying Graphics and CSS3 Animation 
  • Graphic formatting in Web pages 
  • Graphic insertion, sizing, and padding 
  • CSS3 Animation 
  • Use of CSS3 on Mobile devices

Creating navigational aids and Division-based Layout 
  • HTML 5 semantic tags 
  • HTML 5 semantic tag layouts 
  • Usage of navigation bar 
  • A text-based and graphical navigation bar 
  • Image mapping 
  • Divisions in html 5

Creating Tables 
  • Creating and formatting tables 
  • Table size and the width of a column 
  • Table formatting and merging of table cells 
  • Page layout for tables

HTML5 forms
  • Working of new input types in HTML5 
  • New Form attributes 
  • New Form elements

HTML5 Audio and Video 
  • Need for multimedia in HTML5 
  • Supported media types in HTML5
  • Audio elements in HTML5 
  • Video elements in HTML5 
  • Accessibility of audio and video elements 
  • How to deal with Non-supporting browsers

Introduction to JavaScript 
  • Scripting 
  • Javascript language 
  • Various versions of JavaScript language 
  • Client-side and server-side JavaScript 
  • <script>tag 
  • Variables and data types in JavaScript 
  • Javascript methods to display information 
  • Escape sequences. 
  • Built in functions in JavaScript
  • Events and event handling 
  • Jquery
  • jquery mobile

Operators and Statements 
  • Operators and their types in JavaScript 
  • Regular expressions in JavaScript 
  • Decision-making statements in JavaScript

Loops and Arrays 
  • while loop 
  • for loop 
  • do..while loop 
  • break and continue statement 
  • single-dimensional arrays 
  • multi-dimensional arrays 
  • loop

Functions and Objects 
  • Functions 
  • Parameterized functions 
  • Return statement 
  • Objects 
  • Different browser objects 
  • Document Object Model (DOM)

Building a Mobile Web Application
  • Features of different mobile devices 
  • Different type of platforms available for mobile devices 
  • Design aspects of a mobile web site 
  • Architectural aspects of a mobile web site 
  • Requirements for developing and testing of a mobile web site 
  • Support of HTML5 in mobile web site 
  • Best practices for optimizing a mobile web site

Canvas and JavaScript 
  • Canvas in HTML5 
  • Procedure to draw lines 
  • Procedure to use color and transparency 
  • Procedure to work with various drawing objects 
  • Working with images and text 
  • Procedure to create web page events with javascript and jquery
  • Process of including external content in web pages

HTML5 Web Storage 
  • Web Storage in HTML5 
  • Session Storage 
  • Local Storage 
  • Indexed DB API 
  • A native app 
  • Difference between native apps and HTML5 apps 
  • Advantages of native and HTML5 apps 
  • Steps to convert HTML5 apps to native apps

HTML5 Geolocation and APIs 
  • Geolocation API 
  • Google Maps API
  • Drag and Drop API 
  • Application Cache API