CESS 2013

Central European Summer School at WSGE 2013 is a great way to experience Europe around international group! 

It is already a 2nd edition of the Summer School 

The Summer School will take place between 24.08.2013 and 1.09.2013

During our programme you can expect:
Great investment of money.  You will be surprised how much you get for what you pay!
Cosy atmosphere, close relationships, individual support. Our caring international team goes all the way to mix with you and help you feel at home.
Workshops, case studies and simulation games 
Great mix of nationalities - you will meet people from countries you may have never heard of ;-)
Practical knowledge
Great fun programme 

If you want to be a part of this great project and experience some remarkable moments Apply Now!

Who is eligible?
  • school graduates and University students of 1 and 2 year
  • with at least basic English knowledge (to fully enjoy the international character of this event it is strongly recommended to use English at least at a intermediate level)