Panel Design


Designing the panels is not that hard. Cessna is an American company so the measurements used are inches, half inches, quarter inches, etc. Nothing fancy about it.
Google the Citation mustang to find them. To get a quick start I used the free documents provided by Cessna company.

With the FLIGHT COMPARTMENT, INSTRUMENTATION AND AVIONICS reference picture and the knowledge that the Garmin G1000 PFD screen is 10,4" (found somewhere on the internet) a fast sketch was made.

The primary fast sketch had weird dimensions, therefore the numbers were round to it's nearest full inch.

With this fast sketch, the rest of the panels were laid out and the detailed designing could begin.

Special attention has to be paid to relations between distances, similar intervals and again... It's all in the inch...

Here's an impression of detailed panel design. More designing has to be done, relations have to be made, checked and cross checked... Still I think this design is worth looking at and a pleasure for the eye. As soon as I'm statisfied with the overall picture I can export my drawings to DXF format and use them for CNC-milling.

While fine tuning previous work new material will be added.
In the mean time I'm browsing the internet for electronic components and their specs, so the details can be refined accordingly. More pics of the panel development can be seen in the next slideshow.