CES PTA READATHON 2017 is Coming Soon!!!

Readathon has been redesigned with new age appropriate parameters and prizes this year. Here are the highlights:

Dates of Readathon: January 30 to February 13

Theme : Reading is my Thing!

January 30th to February 13th

Gather sponsors using the sponsorship form

January 30th

Contest period begins – Read and have parent initial the Six Flags reading log. (Please use additional sheets as needed)

February 13th

Last day of the contest

February 14th to 17th

Gather money and checks from your sponsors and return the reading log, sponsorship form, money and checks to the school in the envelope provided

*February 20th

Last day to return the envelope with money, logs and sponsorship form – Entries not turned in on Feb 20th shall be ineligible

 March 3rd

WINNERS announced and prizes given out during the assembly at 9:30 am.

* Student Logs and Sponsor pledges (checks and money) MUST be turned in by February 20th to be eligible for winning the prizes

Participation prizes for all the students who take part in the contest

Free Six Flags Child Admission Ticket for all the participants who read for more than 360 minutes during the contest period (average of 25 minutes each day – minimum of $25 in pledges not needed for this ticket).

Teachers from classrooms with minimum of 8 students who read more than 360 minutes during the contest period shall win a free admission ticket.

Eligibility for prizes: Students read for a period of minimum of 30 minutes each day and bring in a minimum pledge of $25.

Here is how it works this year. Most of the prizes will be drawn via lottery. If you are in

·      K-1 grades – Read for 30 minutes each day during the contest period

·      2-3 grades – Read for 45 minutes each day during the contest period

·      4-5 grades – Read for 60 minutes each day during the contest period

Your names go into the raffle pot if you meet the eligibility requirements.

WE have 3 Amazon Kindle Fires this year as prizes to give away! A student from each category (k-1, 2-3, 4-5) meeting the eligibility requirements shall each win a kindle fire (via lottery)

The students who read the most in each class (beyond the minimum requirement) shall win an Amazon gift card worth $20.

10 Students randomly selected via lottery to win a limo ride!

The classroom with highest percentage of eligible participants shall win a classroom pizza party (if more than one classroom has the same percent of eligible participants – we will add up the total number of minutes read by the students in each of those classrooms to determine the winning classroom)


·       Sponsorship Forms should be used to track your sponsors’ pledges.

·       Start recording your minutes on Monday, February 8th.

·       The Student Reading Log must be used to keep track of how many

                 minutes outside of school you read each day.

·       Parents must initial the Student Reading Log to confirm that their child

                 read all logged minutes. This will help to assure fairness.

·       No guessing minutes. Please look at the clock or use a timer to clock your minutes.

What Minutes Count?

·      Reading before and after school counts.

·      Reading during class does not count.

·      Reading before the official start of the Read-a-Thon does not count.

·      Being read to by other people counts as long as it isn’t at school.

·      Reading aloud to a pet counts.

·      Reading aloud to other people counts.

·      Reading to someone who is also participating in the Read-a-Thon, counts for both of you!

All K-5 students are strongly encouraged to participate in order to make this a fun and profitable fundraiser for our school. Please address any questions that you may have to the PTA Read-A-Thon Coordinator:

Deepika Babu dpka.dronamraju@gmail.com or call 240-483-3107