The CESiL web site is itself a collaboration between librarians, information technologists, and anthropologists who apply ethnographic methodology to understand and improve libraries.  CESiL will become a communications hub and information for ethnographic library studies at a variety of institutions.  The intention is to foster collaboration in ethnographic library studies and also to provide resources for launching standalone studies.  We hope to facilitate repetition or extension of validated study designs, as well as secondary analyses of ethnographic datasets. 

The web site is organized to provide new ethnographers with sources of information needed to carry out ethnographic studies and will allow seasoned ethnographers an opportunity to collaborate with others in cross-institutional studies.
Please email Jeff Rosedale [Jeff.Rosedale@mville.edu] and Diane Klare [dklare@wesleyan.edu] if you are interested in staying informed about the project.  A broader public launch is planned for early 2013.


Cross-Institutional Studies

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