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1. No applying with a Gold, please(unless otherwise stated as wanted). A few Bronzes are currently being accepted, but you will need a good application. All other colors are open for application, but again good applications are desired. If you are applying as a Rider, you can either apply as Transfer Rider or a Rider already in residence. If a Transfer Rider, please include where you are transferring from; Most will come from Honshu Weyrhold, Fort Hold, or Southern Weyr. This does not limit you from other Weyrs though.

2. No godmoding or powerplay. Forcing the actions of another character will cause your post to be either ignored or deleted.

3. Keep the number of characters you have to whatever you can handle. There is currently no limit, but characters that are being left idle will be put up for adoption or deleted. No set amount of posting is required at this time, but if inactivity runs rampant a minimum post requirement will be implemented.

4. Female and male Candidates must be of appropriate age, which means between 12-20. If you are applying as a Candidate for the Gold, then expect to write a well thought out and detailed description and history.

5. No fire lizards are being accepted when you join please, though exceptions can be made. Feel free to message the admins to ask, but be mindful that it will need to be discussed before a decision is reached.

6. No Force-Impressing! Whoever owns the clutch decides what you Impress, though Rouxy has the final say on every Impression - especially that of Gold.

7. Post all new characters in the Characters Pending section for approval. No character may be played until he or she has been approved by the moderators.

8. The male to female ratio needs to be maintained, so that we all have characters to develop relationships with. Expect to not only play males or females, and the more you are willing to spread out, the better your characters will be received.

9. Not everyone will be allowed to have twins. Twins are rare even in real life, and doubly so on Pern. Also, people with red hair and green eyes are not a common everyday thing. Most people will have dark hair and dark eyes, or blonde with blue or hazel eyes.

Any exceptions to these rules currently in effect will be listed here.