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Weyrleader K'roi of Bronze Gareth


Name: K’roi
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Weyrleader, Bronzerider
Description: K’roi is average height at best, some 5’7”, his body long and lean, though even at the age of 33, he still has some boyhood lankiness that will never go away. Narrow of shoulder and hip, his body is well toned, showing testament to agility and endurance rather than any great physical strength. His hands are a little larger than is typical for a man of his size, not awkward looking but affording him a sensitive, delicate touch to jobs that require dexterity.

His skin is lightly freckled and pale in contrast to his dark mahogany-red hair, shot through with the occasional sun bleached auburn strand to give it a lighter sheen. His bangs are long enough to brush his pronounced cheekbones, the majority parted to the left in a windswept cowlick. The rest is longer, gathered at the base of his neck in a tail that ends between his shoulder blades. Thick and rather straight, it falls to his shoulders when down, the very ends curling in every which way if not brushed. Possessing an oval face, high cheek bones, and a aquiline nose slightly on the thin side, his eyes are dual colored. The left is jade in color, while the right is clear, dark blue, with flecks of the same green surrounding the pupil. The two tones are similar enough to not be obviously apparent, though a good look will reveal the dual-color nature.

Most of K’roi’s riding leathers are a clean white, with much bronze stitching around the edges to give it flare. They make a stark contrast to Gareth’s dark bronze hide, making him easy to recognize from afar and on the wing. This is further aided while on the ground by his walk. Jaunty, and with long, even steps a bit on the fast side, he usually strides with purpose and direction, even when merely rambling.

Personality: Rather straightforward, K’roi has a talent for telling the truth without seriously angering the person he’s speaking with. Despite his occasional love of purposefully irritating the sensibilities of some riders, he only does so when there is time to patch any hard feelings before the need to work in a wing is voiced. He would never do something to injure the quality of protection the wings provide. His dedication to the Weyr rises above everything else. Nearly everything he does is to better the Weyr and the people and dragons that live there. He tries to make a point of approaching and meeting with every new person to arrive, finding it easy to converse with people both in large crowd situations, and on an individual basis. Both the personal and far wider tragedy at Silver Cove have left their mark on him, however, as he has become both more quiet and slower to open up to others, especially other riders.

Sometimes called brash by other riders, he nevertheless is a person one can easily like. Despite his past, he still finds it easy to smile and easier to laugh, he yet possesses a seriousness and level headedness that can be called upon in any situation, which has given him the respect of many. Upbeat, and charismatic, there are few things that can upset him, yet when upset, he is quick to anger and quicker to act. Gareth will often provide a soothing factor if he looses control of his temper, and the stability offered by the big bronze is one that the bereft Weyrleader has needed more and more after the loss of his weyrmate.

Despite his passionate anger, K’roi is not prone to acts of violence, and will often let his wit end a confrontation if at all possible. If a confrontation should turn to fists or more, however, he will attempt to finish the fight quickly and decisively, effectively punishing if need be or letting slide in a mild altercation.

History: A rather uneventful birth in Fort Hold led to a rather uneventful childhood for Kuroi. Born the only child of a fisher, Gerald, and his talented seamstress wife, Laurin, they lived in a ramshackle house on the edges of the Hold, living on a meager income from the combined effort of the family unit. His grandparents moved with his parents to Fort Hold to try their luck and skill in plying the seas after mastering the fishing craft in the placid waters of the river near Nabol a year before Kuroi was born. In later years, they regretted the move, finding that making a living on the ever-changing sea was much more difficult and dangerous. By then it was too late for them to return, however, as they had no funds, and no supplies for the trip or the transportation, and Kuroi was so young, the dangers were too great to risk. So they remained, eking out a meager repast from the harsh, unforgiving seas, sailing a second hand boat that needed repairs after nearly every tremulous voyage.

It was mainly Laurin’s talents as a seamstress that kept the family alive during this time. Especially so after Kuroi’s grandfather was swept overboard and lost at sea during a particularly fierce storm that nearly sank the boat itself. At the age of 13, Kuroi joined his father in the fishing craft, taking his grandfather’s place on the two man boat. Wishing desperately to help his family, Kuroi put his all into learning the ways of the boat, and soon became the asset he had hoped to be. His parents bemoaned their son’s fate in silence though, and made plans to change the unfortunate series of events that led them to poverty, dragging their unborn with them. In times long past, the surest way to raise the boy up would have been to convince a search rider that he was candidate material, but the sight of a dragon near enough to hale was a rare occurrence near the outskirts of the Hold. They tried to remain positive that their son would have a better life as a rider than as a fisher in Fort, and began planning what they could to aid their son.

On his 15th birthday, it was thus that Gerald began sailing north along the coast, further each day only to return home that night, claiming to search for better fishing grounds. In reality, he was hoping that the trips would offer a glimpse of a Rider who might be willing to land so he could talk. Luckily, the day came when a large blue dragon winged out of the sky, spiraling down to land on shore in answer to Gerald’s distress signals via colorful pennants tied to the topmost part of the mast. Kuroi had no idea what was going on, but Gerald quickly turned the boat landward, beaching the ship with a loud squeal as wood scraped against sand.

Kuroi never saw the exchange of marks that passed from his father to the Rider, the meager savings his parents had scraped together for just such an occasion. It bought the Rider’s assurance that he would be taken to Ista –the Rider’s home Weyr- but not that he would be able to stand for candidacy. The Rider and dragon would need to study the boy first to see if he could Stand. Kuroi balked at leaving his parents without his help, but after his father practically shoved a small bag already packed with his few belongings, the boy gave in to his parents’ wishes. Joining the Rider then and there, the blue dragon lifted off and blinked to the frozen cold of Between, a tear blurred downwards glance the last time he saw his father until a handful of Turns later.

The first few days at the Weyr were difficult for Kuroi. His mind was filled with worry for his family, and unease at how he’d left them to fend without his help, a deep feeling of guilt worming its way into his heart. Sick with grief, he took to wandering the Weyr and the surrounding area in a depressed stupor, studiously ignoring the people around him and searching for the only comfort available, that of being alone with his thoughts.

It was on one of these ramblings that he came across a ruined flitt nest on the beach, the sun warming his back and the cool water an inviting presence to his right. His heart wrenched with sadness at the loss as he kneeled down to look at the smashed eggs, each jewel-like shard of shell glinting with its own fire in the high afternoon sunlight. He brushed some of the sand away, noting that it was quite warm, and still a little wet from the contents of the unfortunate eggs. He picked up a piece of shell, glancing around to see if the mother was anywhere near still. No bright speck of color did he see, so he studied the piece he held, eventually dropping it back into the nest. Examining the nest further, his interest piqued, he was surprised to find a single unbroken egg hidden beneath the fragments of its brethren. He wasted no time, and quickly removed his shirt, tying knots in the sleeves and crafting it into a crude bag. He then scooped armfuls of the warm sand into it, a cradle for his misbegotten egg to keep it safe and warm until he returned to the Weyr and found someone who knew what to do with it.

Kuroi carefully tended the egg for a week, keeping it warm and dry according to what he was told, and his patience and care were rewarded when the egg hatched, revealing a tiny green flitt. He was alarmed at how weak she acted, nothing like the crazed hunger-driven actions that had been described to him. He gently nestled the newborn into the crook of his arm, holding pieces of meat in offering. She creeled weakly, suckling at the meat for a moment before eating the smallest piece he offered. He was touched by the flitt’s struggle to survive under such conditions, and vowed to help her live. With loads of care, and the help of the dragonhealers, he soon nurtured her back to a safe level of health, and Sakki, as he named her, soon became as rambunctious as any newly hatched flitt, though remained smaller than any green he’d ever seen.

The little flitt was the key to opening Kuroi’s heart to the new life he’d been given. He shortly found his natural affinity for people blossoming forth again, and the welcome he received from the people of Ista Weyr was like a balm for his bruised heart. He was completely swept up in Weyr life, and everything associated with it. It wasn’t long before he was running around like any other weyrbrat old enough to learn a trade craft, though at times he was still a bit more subdued than others of his age. It was during this time, that the Bluerider was keeping his promise to the lad’s father. Watching the boy, he found that Kuroi was indeed candidate material, and completed his search by officially registering him as a candidate, several weeks after his arrival.

Candidate training opened up a whole new world for Kuroi. The ins and outs of the dragon quickly became his passion, and watching the dragons and riders cavorting in the ocean spume merely honed his wish for one. His first Stand passed uneventfully without him impressing, but he refused to give up hope. Others had stood multiple times and still impressed, why couldn’t he? He continued on as a diligent candidate until his second stand, where his wish was granted beyond his wildest dreams. Close to the end of the hatching, with only a few eggs yet to hatch, he suddenly found himself supporting the large, wobbly body of a beautiful though ungainly dark bronze hatchling. Mine, I have found you! You are Gareth’s forever. and after a moment. Hungry!

Their time as werylings passed quickly, and they were soon riding the skies for the first time with the other new riders. Time continued to pass, and it became obvious after two years of growth that Gareth’s now monstrous size was not an asset in the air beyond his ability to endure. His girth made for slow turns and slow reactions, which could mean ill for the pair in many a situation. Shrugging his inability to maneuver as fate, the bronzepair participated in drills as was required for several turns, rising to chase on many an occasion and generally enjoying the life afforded a rider, difficult thought it was, and despite how much more difficult it was likely to get when they returned. It was during this time that the happy reunion between K’roi and his family was accompanied by happy dragon calls from Gareth, and K’roi made certain to set aside part of his wages for the sake of moving his family to a better life.

It was months after K’roi’s 26th birthday that Thread once again visited its damaging presence to Pern. It was not a surprise, with the StarHall’s eyes on everything in space, and it was fifty years later than a regular Interval. Resurgence in the support for the AIVAS machine’s attempt to push the Red Star out of orbit surfaced, however everything was washed away by the threat of Thread. Under that first fall and the next several, riders went down, many of which he’d grown to know, friends, and comrades. It was a difficult time for the pair, and Gareth gained many scars from close calls and the sheer inability to move his bulk with ease. After a particularly harsh threadscore on the bronze’s hind quarters had them out for a handful of months in recovery, K’roi decided that enough was enough.

It was thus that the pair began a daily regime of practice concerning maneuvering Gareth’s bulk in different directions as quickly as possible. At first, there were no obvious results from the constant flying, but slowly, the bronze began to react sooner, and move faster. He would never be as nimble as a blue, or even a brown but his agility began to at least equal his size, and his skills began to grow apace. Their training became an obsessive daily ritual for the pair. A secondary result of so much practice was that the pair became so directly in-tuned to each other, that during a fall, their thoughts were instantly transmitted and understood without the need for words. K’roi used Gareth’s wings to turn when he saw danger, and Gareth used K’roi’s hands to feed him more firestone when he had need. They became a perfectly tuned bronzepair. The practice on top of the constant fighting of thread wore on the two, but they tried their best to keep up to the task at hand.

After a while, with their maneuverability greatly increased by the daily practices, K’roi began adding difficult aerial techniques into the mix, trying to predict what they might need in any situation. Upside down turns, tight flips, the tossing of things from rider to rider and riders moving from dragon to dragon were a few of the initial objectives. Each maneuver was practiced until a degree of proficiency was reached, and then another was added. Gareth could catch K’roi if he fell, pick him up from the ground in mid-flight, and deliver him similarly with enough room. K’roi also worked diligently on being able to ride the big bronze from just about any location on his dark body, from the base of his skull to the tip of his tail.

The list was endless, and every new happening added another bright spark of inspiration to their practices. Soon, the disadvantage of size turned around to become an advantage in speed, and those monstrous turnstile wings could carry Gareth just about anywhere in a hurry. He was now a bronze that could be a tremendous aid in threadfall. That fact pleased the pair to no end. Being an asset to the Weyr, and to the protection of the Weyr was something he could live for; Protecting the place that had given him a home. It was around this time that he was promoted to Wingleader. Not only did this open up a new avenue for the pair to help Ista, but K’roi also began getting his wing into the same shape for falls as he and Gareth were. Several new hand gestures and signals were created to aid his wing’s communication and to incorporate the new moves the bronzerider taught.

Five years into the 10th Pass saw a huge increase in dragon numbers. Ista had grown too crowded, and it was decided that it was time to open up a new Weyr on the Southern Continent. Holds had sprung up far to the east, with dragons stretched thin to cover the expanse. A Weyr would ease the strain, and K’roi found himself eager to help, almost as if he claimed the new Weyr for himself and his need to protect. It was no surprise that his bronze chased and caught the senior queen Fannith a year after settling, making him the new Weyrleader of Silver Cove Weyr. They proudly flew protection over Silver Cove, Landing and the surrounding areas, spreading into the wild jungle and taming it for farm lands.

A year later, the illness that struck the prime Weyr down so early in its conception claimed many lives; rider, holder and drudge alike. The possibility of evacuation circled, but no decision was made until the Weyrwoman Ruvna fell ill and threw herself from her weyrledge, Fannith dying and taking most of her latest clutch with her. Stricken by the loss of his weyrmate, K’roi ordered the evacuation to a likely spot located on a nearby island. The new Weyr, Cerulean, gave him something to focus on, but the somber Weyrleader kept in contact with the healer’s looking into the situation as they rebuilt their lives; aid from Honshu and Southern and even the Northern Weyrs promised and sent on dragon back.

Fun Facts:

Bonded Critter(s):
Type: Dragon
Name: Gareth
Color: Bronze #cd3700
Age: 18
Description: Gareth is large. Overly so. He dwarfs all but the largest bronzes and browns. His hide is dark bronze, a shimmery gilt color for the most part, though lighter patches of a pale bronze color splatter along his spine and over his long ridges, covering a few entirely, making them almost reflective. His hide has a few threadscore scars, but nothing largely noticeable. Once detrimental to their aerial maneuverability, his size is now an asset due to hours upon hours of training. His wings are more narrow and long than broad and wide, and his body follows a similar pattern. Despite his size, his head is narrow, with a pronounced beak and long ear-knobs, and his tail is long and thick, able to toss a draft runner with an easy swing. The muscle power needed to lift his bulk is visible in each corded sinew, and the muscles that run along his legs and wings are nearly half again their normal size to compensate, though on his large frame it still manages to look sleek, if a bit thick.

Personality: If ever a dragon loved his rider, Gareth would be it. The two are rarely parted when there isn’t need for it, and the amount of connection they maintain constantly is closer to the level of a flight than usual mindspeech. Despite his rider’s pleasant acceptance of almost everyone, and K’roi’s tendency to be an easy talker, Gareth does not like to talk to other humans, and barely tolerates any close proximity. He is certain to warn them off with a growl, though he will not strike out unless provoked. As for other dragons, he can and does tolerate their presence, and will use them to transmit messages to their riders, or rely on K’roi to translate for him.

If K’roi is the fire and action to their partnership, then Gareth is the calm, cool inner voice he listens to. They balance each other rather well, even if they bicker back and forth quite a bit. It’s generally good natured, and it’s rare for either of them to feel genuinely insulted or hurt by the other’s words. So used to dealing with his bonded, Gareth is able to calm K’roi, or incense him to the point of blind rage with a few words. Such is their connection and the shared trust they have.

Gareth has a love for water even above the typical dragon enjoyment for a swim, especially when he manages to find a pool deep enough to cover his form without the need to lie down. He will often laze in the ocean below his weyrledge where a particularly deep tide pool has worn its way into the rock to create a lovely place for basking. Otherwise, he spends much time sunning on the nearby beach until his skin is hot to the touch. Having grown up with Sakki, he accepts her previous claim on K’roi, and even likes the little green flitt, which is more than can be said about most other creatures. She will often sleep between his back ridges when she can’t be with Hers.

Fun Facts:

Type: Firelizard
Name: Sakki
Color: Green #7FFFD4
Age: 18
Description: Sakki is a tiny green, easily a third smaller than most. Healers think that her stunted size is due to the time her egg was left unprotected to the elements after her nestmates were destroyed. Nevertheless, small she may be, unhealthy she is not. Thin and slender, her limbs are all proportional to her size, save for slightly larger wings and an over-long tail that helps her to keep a strong hold on her current perch of choice, usually Hers’ shoulder or head.

Her coloring is rather unique. The clear, bright green of her body has a very visible blue sheen to it, changing to almost an aqua color in the delicate lines of her head and wings. She has been mistaken for a tiny blue before while flying, though if the unfortunate person who thought such voiced it in a way she understood, she would be right on them to chastise and correct such a misconception. Her small stature gives her a distinct advantage in agility, and she will often twirl about K’roi’s head in impossible turns and twirls, watching him watching her, and delighted to have his attention.

Personality: Sakki’s unique jewel-like coloring has led her to believe that she is more important and beautiful than a queen. As such, she also believes that everyone should have their eyes on her. A chatterer, she is constantly talking to Hers, sometimes waking him at night to tell him something she thought important. When in the presence of other flits, she will often flutter about and demand their attention, sometimes with the desired result, and sometimes not. If ignored, she will retreat to Hers, curling inside the neck of his riding leathers to mope in depressed annoyance.

Gareth is a welcome addition to the family of Hers, and if not around K’roi, she will treat the bronze in the same manner, chattering animatedly to him while he listens good naturedly. She can often be found sleeping between his ridges while he sunbathes, or hanging on while he swims. His acceptance of her previous claim on K'roi only further bolsters her impression of self importance.

Fun Facts:

Craft: Fishercraft
Level of Proficiency: Apprentice
Specialty: Sailing and fishing inland
Weakness: Fear of sailing or getting caught in a storm.