Become a Certified Trainer of 
Early Childhood Educators

Share what you know.
Be recognized as the expert you are.
Feel capable, confident, and in control of your future.

Right here. Right now.

This credential is designed for someone just like you.

You know a lot about working with children and families and you want to share what you know. But If you've ever sat through a training session and been bored, annoyed, overwhelmed, or confused, then you understand that there's a craft to doing great training and not all trainers have mastered that craft. 

Or maybe you are a trainer and have felt like there should be more guidance, more sharing, and more support in polishing your training capabilities so that you can become truly sought-after. You realize that there are some things great trainers know that you could know too.

If you've ever thought, "I could do that!" while enjoying a great training session, then, you're right. You could do that. And when you earn your CTECE, you will.

When you earn your CTECE, you will strengthen your presentation skills, increase your visibility in the marketplace, and gain the confidence to become the very best trainer you can be.

Master the training craft with successful trainers who share what they know.

The CTECE credential signals to those who hire trainers which trainer is the most skilled, which is most worthy of their attention, and which is most likely to achieve great results. When you earn your CTECE, you'll be exactly that sort of trainer, and our Membership Roster makes sure that you're easy to find!

The CTECE credential program is also the only way to get precisely the support and recognition you need to be truly successful in training early childhood professionals and staff. There's nothing else like it. This is the place to polish your craft.

Whether you already have a training practice or are just starting out, you will learn more than you ever imagined and you will become more than you ever dreamed. Become a CTECE.

 Your future starts now!

Share what you know about working with children and families.
Make a difference in the world by becoming a trainer who is truly sought-after.
Stand out in the crowded training field by becoming one of the very best.

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