DOCTORA TERRE VALLE, Puerto Vallarta Board Certified Dentist Review by The Board Certified Mexico Dental Association

The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association features the best Puerto Vallarta dental clinic with dentists certified for  crowns, veneers, children's dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental makeover, oral restoration, orthodontics, oral surgery,   periodontics, dental  implants, veneers and more!

Puerto Vallarta  dentist  Dra.  Terre Valle is  a  senior oral surgeon and  past  President  of the  Oral Surgeons Association.  

Dra. Terre Valle  employs 5 dental  specialists who are fully trained for advanced dental procedures.

You don't have to settle for less...
  • Board Certified Puerto Vallarta dentists  cost  the  same  as less-skilled general dentists! 
  • When in Mexico for advanced dental work insist on a board certified dentist for the best results. 
  • Dra. Valle has been practicing for over 25 years. When it comes to oral surgery, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry - experience matters!


Part of our mission at Board Certified  Mexico  Dentist  Association  is to make patients aware  that  dentistry  is  less  regulated  in Mexico as  general  dentists  in Mexico who choose  not  to attend advanced  dental  specialist  college  are permitted to attempt to learn complicated dental procedures by practicing on their patients.  

  • With  a  Board  Certified  Mexico  dentist, patients will get the quality they are looking  for  up to 75% less than in the US. or Canada.
  • Our   Board   Certified   Dentists   in   Mexico   cost   the  same  and  often  less   than   general   dentists   in   Mexico. 
  • If  you  are considering  having serious  dentistry in  Puerto Vallarta  such  as a  root  canal,  crown, veneer,  cosmetic  dentistry, oral surgery,  TMJ or a dental implants, contact us for free consultations, estimates and referrals. 

Puerto Vallarta Dentist Dr Valle -    

Puerto Vallarta Dentist Dra. Terre Valle is a top oral surgeon, implantologist, and expert at crowns, veneers, root canal therapy, cosmetic dental makeovers and oral restoration. She has 5 specialist associates employed at her clinic.

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Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association has  member dentists in  Puerto Vallarta,  Los Cabos  (Cabo  San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo),  Cancun, Guadalajara,  Los Algodones,  Mexico  City,  Monterrey, Tijuana  and  in other major cities throughout Mexico.

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Dra. Terre Valle Puerto Vallarta Oral Surgeon  by The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association, Certified Dentists Internationale Profile page.

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